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Wow, I haven't posted here in a while. Like, in over a month. O_O
I still read my Friends Page every day, though. I just don't post much.
Maybe I should do a little recap for those not on Facebook.

The Oscars came and went and I DVRed the whole thing so I could start watching it halfway through and catch up to real-time by skipping over all the commercials. I had a dog in the fight, so to speak: Uggie the Dog from "The Artist". :D
Yes, I was rooting for Uggie, Jean "OSS 117" Dujardin and the whole crew of this silly French silent film about Old Hollywood. However, I would have been totally okay with Gary Oldman winning for "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" because it's GARY FUCKING OLDMAN and how the hell is this the first time he's been nominated for an Oscar!?!?!
The bulk of the Oscars wound up being divided between "Hugo" and "The Artist", with "The Artist" getting the juicy ones like "Best Film" and "Best Actor". ("Formidable! Super génial!" exclaimed Jean Dujardin).
Since then, I've seen "Hugo" and "My Week With Marilyn", and they're both very good films. I didn't even realize that Sacha Baron Cohen was in "Hugo" until the credits rolled.
I'm happy for "Rango" winning Best Animated Feature Film. "Rango" is really quite good and more than a little strange. It's amazing-looking in Bluray and a treat for fans of spaghetti and classic westerns.

The office was closed for Presidents Day and I didn't know it, so I showed up at work and found tumbleweeds in the parking lot. Oh, well, then, guess I'll run some errands and take care of some business. HA!
Post office: closed. Bank: closed. DMV: closed.
Smog Test Station: open! Smog test result: FAIL!
It was not the emissions though, there was a broken thingamabob that needed replacing, which also explained why my truck had been running a little rough lately. And the EVAP line was screwed up. I needed to deal with this ASAP so I went to Joe's to get it taken care of. I needed to pass to get my new plate sticker and the deadline was fast approaching. The broken thingymabob was connected to the engine's right-side valve cover, and I couldn't get just the thingamabob. So I needed a new valve cover. Easy-peasy, right?
Wrong! Joe's parts suppliers said it was discontinued. That didn't make sense to me! We're talking about the basic Ford V-6 engine that's in every Ranger, Explorer and Taurus (and probably others) up to at least 1994! Argh!
So Joe's guys went out looking for a valve cover at junkyards.
Since it looked like fixing this problem was going to take a while, I saved myself the local DMV headache and hit the local AAA office instead. I paid for and obtained a 60-day extension on my car registration. This gave me time to find the part needed for the F(n)ord (St)Ranger, get it fixed, and get the smog certificate. It's awesome how you can take care of most DMV transactions at AAA offices. I recommend being a member!
The needed part was found last week and I left my trusty steed at Joe's on Friday morning. I had to rent a car to get to work and to use over the weekend, as the truck would be ready on Monday. I went with a Budget office barely 5 minutes from Joe's and wound up with a silver Toyota Camry that I promptly dubbed "Maytag 1". :D
That thing had a hella twitchy throttle and very responsive steering. I don't understand how the people who own these things manage to drive them so slowly and sluggishly. Also, I really don't like these electronic throttles because the accelerator pedal has no force-feedback to speak of. It's really weak, with no resistance. With a normal throttle, the pedal gives back and gives something for the right foot to rest on. With the weak pedal, I can't rest my foot on it, I just kinda keep it poised over it and work myself into a cramped state. Blargh.
At least, the sound system was nice. No USB port though.
The truck was ready on Tuesday morning this week; I had requested an alignment as well and that took an extra day. I returned Maytag 1 and got dropped off at Joe's. It was nice to get back behind the wheel of my lil' truck. I called the smog test station and scheduled a retest for yesterday morning. The (St)Ranger passed it with flying colors, and once I got the smog certificate, I went straight to AAA to get my license plate sticker.
I had to find a socket wrench to remove my license plate frame, as it partly covered the sticker area. A bit of a pain but, on the other hand, makes it tougher to steal my sticker. :)
And thus ended the Norwegian (St)Ranger Smog Saga, by Odin's Beard! :D

Bonus Netflixing!

Killer Elite - Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro, Clive Owen, Dominic Purcell, Nick Tate (!)
The movie was pretty good. It's set in 1980, mostly in England. Statham is an ex-SAS guy who freelances and DeNiro is his mentor of sorts. DeNiro is kidnapped by a sheik who blackmails Statham into killing three SAS guys for him, 'cause each one killed one of his sons during the Oman War of 1970. It's not all shooty-bang, there's skullduggery and espionage thrown in. The director is an unknown, and seems fairly competent. And Statham can still kick ass while tied to a chair. It was fun seeing all the old late '70s cars.
There was an older gentleman who looked terribly familiar and turned out to be Nick Tate, aka Alan Carter, Eagle jockey from "Space: 1999". Holy crap!
I enjoyed the film a lot. It's not your typical mindless XTREEM ACTION 'SPLOSION shoot'em'up.
It might get added to my permanent library.

That's it for now.
Tune in next time when I realize all my Saturdays in March are spoken for!

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