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Zut alors! :D
Well, I'm pretty good at this English thing.
My French is not bad. :D
I know a little Spanish and wish I had full mastery of it.
Beyond that, Russian and Japanese would be neat to know.
But I don't think I will learn either.

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It's the Quatorze Juillet today, aka Bastille Day.
I usually post a clip from the annual military parade in Paris and today is no exception.
However, I found a rather unusual and interesting clip.
France still has overseas territories, including Polynesian islands.
For the first time ever this year, a detachment of the Polynesian French Army performed
the traditional Haka war taunt at the parade this year.
Check this out!

I dare you to make fun of the French Army again.

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Today's Jean Michel Jarre concert in Monaco for the Royal Wedding there.
The first 7 minutes of video are a test tone, so just skip over it.
Then it's the dulcet tones of "Waiting For Cousteau" (fractal music)
until JMJ arrives by boat at around 26 minutes in. Then it's PARTY TIME! :D

Video streaming by Ustream

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o/~ They see me rollin'
They laughin'
'Cause my ride's got wheels like clown shoes... o/~

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(Sally Struthers)Do you like Orbital? Sure, we all do!(/Sally Struthers)

1) SATAN - 2) Don't Stop Me (their new one) - 3) Chime (their first one) - 4) Doctor Who Theme (because they're fans)
(This is not their full set. I have not found that online yet.)

Watch for the very special cameo at the end. :D
(Hint: he's been to Easter Island, and they loved him there!)

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Another blow has been dealt to HFCS sodas!
7-Up has just released 7-UP Retro, made with real sugar.
I saw the 12-packs and the glass bottles at Target last night.
Sadly, I didn't get any as my hands were full.
For pictures of the cans and a list of places to get 7-UP retro, click HERE.
For pictures and info on the glass bottles, click HERE.
For L.A. residents, 7-UP Retro can be found at Ralphs, Target and Albertsons (ptooie!!).
Oh yeah, and Walmart (double ptooie!!). And a few other places.

In other news, those hard-working Hartnoll boys (aka Orbital) have a new official website.
If you're not familiar with their musical style, you haven't been reading this LJ. :D
The website has a large amount of Orbitunes for your streaming pleasure, so give 'em a listen!

"There is the theory of the Moebius: a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop,
and from which there is no escape."

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007 4EVR - "Do you expect me to talk?"
LRD V8R - "No Mister Bond, I expect you to join the Dark Side."

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Dude! Stoned AND Baked! Awesomest pizza EVAR!

Tee hee...

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We don't need no stinkin' droids!

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Would you believe a Computer Space coin-op arcade machine in 1976?
Though I probably played some Pong-related thing prior to this, this is the one I remember most vividly.
I was on vacation with my parents in Florida, this was my first trip to the US.
We were North of Miami somewhere, in a boat marina.
There was a Computer Space machine in the burger joint we were at and my dad and I played it.
It was so weird.
The game is basically a duel between a saucer and a rocket ship, with a sun in the middle providing gravity. So you had to use your thrusters to avoid being sucked in. And your shots would curve around the sun if they got close enough.
Cinematronics released a souped-up version of the game as a coin-op called Space Wars.
Though Space Wars was actually a PDP-1 game first, it was definitely the logical evolution of Computer Space.

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One of my very favorite electronic artists, Orbital (Paul and Phil Hartnoll),
have decided to get back together after calling it quits a few years ago.
They came out with a couple of new tracks back in June 2010 and I thought
I had posted YouTube links of those on LJ, but apparently not.
Anyway, they're working on a new album and posting video updates.
And they've taken control of the Orbital Facebook page as well.
Here's Paul being weird (Phil was sick and in bed):

Here are links to YouTube versions of their new singles:
"Don't Stop Me" (my favorite bit starts at 4:25!)
"The Gun Is Good" (listen for "Time Bandits" speech!)
Both are available on iTunes and eMusic! :D

I'm really looking forward to the new album!

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Lego Star Wars 10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer set

It's for real! The image comes from Lego.com!

"We are currently experiencing technical difficulties: the Kzin has passed out.
Normal service will resume once he awakens."

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This is brilliant!

This guy built a mechanism that opens and closes the doors on his train.
And he made it all fit inside the train without unsightly bulges!
The end of the video shows how it works. It's neat!

Once I get my Lego studio squared away, I can work on neat stuff too.
The motorized Lego Technic excavator set will help me realize some sort of nifty tracked vehicle.
Muahahahahahahaha! :D

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Screenshot from a "Ben 10: Alien Force" promo currently running on Cartoon Network.


Is it because "villains" is a French word that people have problems spelling it?
Or is it just because people at Cartoon Network is dumb?
You make the call! :D

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Tough times demand tough badgers.

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It's a van.
It's white.
It has more than one Wheel Of Fortune. :)

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There is good news for lovers of non-HFCS colas everywhere!
PEPSI THROWBACK has become a permanent part of Pepsico's product line!

Your move, monolithic conservative republican Coca-Cola Company! :D :D :D :D

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Doc Savage.
Also, Ben Grimm AKA The Thing.

Mar. 7th, 2011 02:40 pm


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Recent shuttle launch as seen from an airliner.

Also, funny pilot! :D

I once saw a televised launch of an Ariane rocket at the Kourou Space Center.
The ESA had a helicopter orbiting the launch pad and filming the launch, and it looked awesome!
I couldn't find that on YouTube but I did find this nifty montage with a soothing Daft Punk soundtrack:

Space is the place!



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