Sep. 24th, 2017 11:30 am

Trip to Spain

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I'm back from a trip to Spain. I visited Barcelona

and Madrid.

I'm now in the process of catching up with everything that I missed in the last two weeks. Normal trailer service will resume in a couple of days.

A travelogue will follow once I make it through the far too many pictures that I took. That may take a while.
Sep. 22nd, 2017 10:32 pm

Two Cool Things Today

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Spent some of today straightening out, yet AGAIN, my health insurance.  Got a final notice letter from the hospital, so I had to call the billing company and convince them to not bother with billing the VA and just go straight to my ACA-gifted secondary insurance.  And then I went ahead and called the VA to make sure which hospital I'm actually assigned to, which was correct, and try and make sure the Choice Program had the right info so hopefully TriWest will stop making excuses - which they do, buuuuuuuuut...they've divided into three different programs!  Oh yay, more complexity when they still don't have their shit totally together!  And here's me, STILL with my original temporary program card because they've never sent me a new one with the NEW damn phone numbers!  And of *course* I forgot to ask for a new one while I was on the phone with them...d'oh!

Buuuuuuut, guess what!  I ALSO got my payout from the lawsuit my state brought against 8 international companies for their literal worldwide conspiracy to fix the prices of products with LCD screens!  MY TV wasn't bought during the lawsuit period, but my flip and iPhone and last computer monitor were!  I got $47.89 from it, which enabled me to take the stick vacuum I needed to return back to Walmart and trade it in on a better (and slightly more expensive - but it has a roller AND crevice tool!) one!  Yay, I can vacuum again!  Not sarcastic - my floors have really needed it since the beginning of the month and I was dreading trying to get Walmart to take back the one I mistakenly bought since it was out of the return/refund window, and the expense of getting the better one...but again they were awesome for me, and the settlement money plus the return basically made the new one free!

Didn't get the baking done I was going to do, but then I did have a bit of a big cooking day yesterday so I have meals in the freezer.  I love that moroheiya noodles can go in everything regular noodles normally would, like turketti and as a base (is that the word?  Basically noodles that go under other stuff) for stews.  Made some stew and couple of cheap and easy pot pies.  One of those was eh...I used condensed French onion soup I'd had for forever with some flour, green beans, and refrigerator biscuits.  The other has what the recipe actually called for - mixed veggies and cream of chicken under the biscuits and certainly looks a lot more appetizing! XD

Sep. 17th, 2017 11:20 pm

from the department of trekkery

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If there's a net better fan episode, I haven't seen it. Granted they have the advantage of using OCs so amateur acting is less noticeable...
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The more I read about the Juggalos the more they sound like us furries - people who just wanna get together, dress weirdly (or not), and have fun.  They're crude, sure, but reportedly as welcoming as furries are - along with being virulently anti-hate, anti-facist, anti-racist, and DEFINITELY anti-Nazi.    Oh and they also include doctors, lawyers, etc. in their numbers, instead of what people assume of them (for them: that they're all dumbass psycho hillbillies; for us: of course, that we're all drooling perverts into beastiality). We haven't been labelled a 'loosely affiliated gang' by the FBI tho - which, it turns out, allows them to be discriminated against in housing, schooling for their kids, etc.  Which is why they setup the gathering in the first place, long before the Trump rally was scheduled for the same day.
Here's is the Daily KOS article about it...and the vast greenery atop, guess who was supposed to be gathering at *that* end. XD XD XD XD 


Sep. 15th, 2017 12:44 pm

Mace, Its Mace

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Finally figured out what makes my chicken stock taste the way I want it to - a pinch of garlic powder, soy sauce instead of salt, and significant sprinkles of mace, nutmeg's weaker bro grated from the shells, on top of the bones and meat remnants (from various recipes and KFC), water, and a couple tablespoons (NOT cups!  gotta keep reminding myself! XD ) of apple cider vinegar.  Gives it the warmth and body without changing the chicken flavor too much that I was looking for.  I left the usual veggie remnants out this time, too.  I don't have much of those right now, mostly asparagus, but might make a couple cups from what I do have and see how that turns out.

The garden hasn't been fully put to rest yet (I have to replace both my vacuums before I can buy more compost and dirt), but I did pull the bee's friends and borage and the tops of the wood sorrel and laid them down to start decomposing, and have left the rest to grow and probably overwinter.  I do need to remove the seed heads on both flowers, but not right now.  It appears I have more than the mole in the garden, too, most likely a Mazama (Northern) pocket gopher judging from the busybody tracks between holes.  Not a vole - there's not enough greenery to provide it habitat.  Pocket gophers are protected in WA, particularly certain subspecies of Mazamas - not that its legal to harm them in city parks anyway, so best I can do next year is try and repel it.  Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to cross into the half of the bed that's past the garter snake's grave, but it did nose the rock over it.

In other news, it was nice to have a cool morning, so I went to the park I walked in last year.  The damage is still roped off, but now the city is planning to take down and/or relocate structures, and had warnings up about released toxins in the water from the former plants that used to be on and near the site, but people were still letting their kids play in the water - go figure, sure that's what the gravel beach was for, but just because its still half there doesn't mean you don't need to heed the signs. *sigh.*  The wooden wharf that was to be the south end of a north over-water trail was declared a total loss and is being removed starting today.  I think the city decided to wait until the heat broke so as to not risk fires.  But now there are houses being built, and dormant projects are suddenly humming along like people want to get stuff done now while its cool but before the rains set in.



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