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Come on! Wake up! Party's over! Amp'd Mobile's dead! Time to go home!

Yup, that's it.
It's over.
Today, I turned in my laptop and Motorola Q and got my last paycheck.
You can stick a fork in Amp'd, it's done!

(That's not me, by the way)

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As I was going up the stair,
I met a zombie who was not there,
he wasn't there again today,
I wish that zombie would go away.

And that's the extent of my "Blog Like A Zombie Invasion Is Ongoing Day" post, or whatever.
I don't like zombie movies, though I tolerate both "Resident Evil" flicks.
And there are plenty of people at work already shambling around like zombies.
It's just not that funny right now.

May. 9th, 2007 02:18 pm


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Okay, so it's Wednesday and I'm back at work.
Yeah, I took Monday and Tuesday off to finish The Move From Hell.
Anyway, I'm sitting here at my desk, minding my own business...

...And three well-tanned girls wearing black bikinis click by on high heels...

...Then one of the cameraguys walks by with a tripod in one hand and a rolled-up Twister(tm) pad in the other.

I think the company, collectively, is going to hell. :)

Actually, we probably have a booth in Hell already. And business is brisk!

Exciting, excrutiating details on the move later...

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There was a weekend, and it was tiring.
On Saturday, the sibling and I went to the storage unit to begin Operation Storage 2Step.
The rent on the unit keeps going up and up, and I was looking at $450 for the month of April for my 10x20.
Since I couldn't actually stop the insanity, I decided to downsize it.
I reserved a 10x15 on the same floor as my current unit and 7 hours were spent getting everything moved over.
We threw out a few things and reorganized everything. And I got a deal on the new unit on top of the smaller rent.
When it was all finished, we dragged ourselves to the In-N-Out for celebratory Double-Doubles, fries and drinks.
Then we just limped home and went to bed. Except the sibling wanted to watch "Eragon". Not cool. I wanted to sleep.
Eventually, he gave up and sleep was possible.

On Sunday, we retrieved my bicycle from the bike shop then went clothes-shopping.
I purchased a much-needed pair of pants and got a couple of Cubavera Cuban-style short-sleeved shirts, on sale!
I wore the shirts yesterday and today at work and got a couple of compliments. :)
There may be photos later on, if I'm feeling particularly sadistic. >:)
After that, it was time to grocer-shop at Trader Crack's, I mean Joe's.
Then we went home, did 5 loads of laundry, and watched "Eragon" all the way through. El Hermano likes dragon movies.
As we watched, I keep seeing scenes from "Star Wars" in my mind. (That's "Episode IV: A New Hope" for you young 'uns)
"Run Princess, run!" - "Oh crap, Darth Vader's gonna git ya!" - "What, no lightsaber?" - "Are you Obi-Wan Kenobi?"
To be fair, many of these plot devices were already old when George Lucas used them in his magnum opus.
But holy crap, there were also bits of "Lord Of The Rings" and "Harry Potter" in there. Not much "Potter" though.
The dragon is purty though, and voiced by Rachel Weisz (muuuuurrrrrr...)
And ultimately, this is what makes this film popular: purty dwagin!
I wonder how much the sequel will be like "Empire Strikes Back"...

On Monday, it was back to work.
A colleague was bitten by a Giant Gummi Cola Bottle and was compelled to order a 5-pound bag. He had it 2-day-aired.
For some reason, the gummi are softer and smell slightly different than the bag I ordered.
I wonder if the high altitude is to blame...

Hey, Matt LeBlanc just walked by here at work, looking a bit scruffy. His hair is salt and pepper.
I should have saluted him. (He played "Major West" in "Lost In Space". No, I never watched "Friends")
I wonder if he's gonna be sporting an Amp'd Mobile phone from now on. :)

Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah, air-freight gummi. So yeah, possible softening due to high altitude transit. How odd.

On Tuesday, which is today, hmmmmm, nothing much.
I got some promo stuff for my sibling and some of the artists he works with. It was pretty hard.
On my lunch hour, I went to House Of Records on Pico (across the street for the Grammy offices).
The store is going out of business. Nothing has been reduced yet but it won't be long now.
House Of Records is full of CDs, DVDs, LPs, cassettes, and even a few laserdiscs.
I found a couple of used CDs to my liking: "Baby Monkey" by Voodoo Child and "Mainhatten Sound" by John Acquaviva.
The first one is an old-fashioned Techno dance album by Moby from 2003, under his Voodoo Child moniker. It's fun!
He was inspired to make it after attending an underground party near Glasgow on the last date of the "18" European tour.
The DJs played "hard, sexy, straightforward dance music" and he was reminded how much he liked that. So he made some!
I previewed the album on Urge and added it to my list of CDs to buy.
The second is a mix CD by long-time business associate and friend of Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman): John Acquaviva.
The CD contains nothing but tracks from the Frankfurt-based Force Inc. label, and the style is minimalist Techno-House.
It's a nice one to bop to while working on stuff. It's from 2001.

And now, time for to go home!
Have a good evening.


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