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Darn fool kids!
Why, back in my day, PTEN came on the TV and it meant that an episode of "Babylon 5" was about to start!
PTEN wasn't used to try to blow up some of them there newfangled ae-ro-planes! No sireee Bob!
Of course, sometimes PTEN meant that an episode of "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" was about to start.
That was not so good. But it was a damn sight better than "Time Trax"!

What? What you say sonny? It's PETN, not PTEN? PETN is the explosive?
Oh. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Never miiiiiiiiiiiiind!

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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] martes:

I've seen this a dozen times already and IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER! :D

This appeals to my machine side:

Old-School Electro (breakdance music) meets infommercial. "Hit it like this!"

It's Fleet Week in San Francisco, Imperial style! :D

And I have saved the best for last.
This was shown only at conventions. I taped it with my camcorder at San Diego ComiCon in 1995.
It was finally made available for all to see last year.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Babylon 5: Requiem"...

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So I heard that Jerry "Mister Garibaldi" Doyle had a radio show, so I did a little online digging.
He's a conservative independent and his "Jerry Doyle Show" plays on the Talk Radio Network.
I checked the station listings and the closest to me seems to be 1410AM in Bakersfield.
I will have to give it a listen to the show, out of sheer curiosity. I never listen to radio tehse days.
Anyway, while doing some online digging, I found a lengthy Jerry interview on IGN.com
It's from November 2002, and it's very interesting, especially the financial stuff, in light of current events.
(Jerry Doyle was an investment banker on Wall Street for 10 years)
3 pages of the stuff, including B5 dirt, it's a long piece, and fascinating.

Bon app├ętit! :D

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It was a hot week leading up to an even hotter weekend.
On Friday, I loaded up Stranger 6 with 11 trash bags full of the late Sibling's clothing.
Pants, shirts, t-shirts, sweater, jackets, shoes, boots, some of this stuff was hardly worn.
Everything went to the local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.
It seemed fitting.
I kept a few items as personal mementoes: the shirt Domino Harvey gave him, some of the stuff he wore
at Burning Man, his personalized paintball jersey, a leather jacket he got from my dad...

I didn't sleep too good Friday Night because of the heat.
There is no A/C in the bedroom, just a window fan, and I wasn't getting any relief from that.
I woke up Saturday morning and set about getting ready to leave for the FurBQ.
Everything had been prepared the night before to save time. There were a couple of items I had to
drop off at the post office first though, some eBay stuff. Then I hit the road proper.
The 405 was a hopeless mess, so I did the La Cienega Boogie and grabbed the 405 further down, at LAX.
Traffic was a lot smoother there, and I averaged about 75mph on the way down.
I got as far as the 55 North, then panicked slightly as the Chapman exit did not materialize.
I exited at Edinger and phoned up [livejournal.com profile] doodlesthegreat to get a bit of directions.
Turns out I had exited too soon and should have stayed on the 55 past the 5. D'oh!
I got back on the 55, found Chapman, and made the rest of my way to the Irvine Regional Park.
I have been to every FurBQ evar (all 10!), so I knew where it was, but I usually wasn't the one driving.
So anyway, I grabbed the closest parking spot I could find, which was still 2 parking lots away.
The lots had been resurfaced recently and the markings had not been applied yet, so people were parked
in somewhat haphazard fashion, reducing the amount of actual available parking spots. Le grrrrrrr...
I schlepped my stuff to the gathering, put the chips (Kettle brand salt and pepper, 4 bags) and water
(case of 24 half-liter Arrowhead bottles) on the food table, and set up the suitcase and the signs.
I had a brought a suitcase full of t-shirts, along with some baseball caps and a couple of bandannas.
Half the shirts were from Amp'd Mobile and the other half was a mix of stuff belonging to DJ Pascal.
I always tried to score promo t-shirts for him whenever I went to events and tradeshows, so I had
shirts from "Pirates: At World's End", "A Scanner Darkly", "Star Trek Continuum" and others.
I had made a couple of signs in Photoshop using a fake Russian font.
One sign said "Free T-Shirts - only for furry comrades who wear size XL".
And it was true. Everything was size XL. Thankfully, plenty of furries were that size.
By the end of the FurBQ, I only had 3 t-shirts left. Everything else was gone.

The weather was hot, but there was plenty of shade and the occasional breeze.
The bugs were out in force. I have about 7 bitemarks to prove it, all on my lower legs.
Next time, I'm wearing knee-length armored boots, I swear!
And I'm bringing a folding chair of some kind.
I ate pretty lightly: a couple of cheeseburgers, one hot dog and some chips.
I had brought a couple of magazines and a Lego set, but I didn't really need 'em.
I tried the new XTREEM! Squirt soda and it tastes pretty bad. I hope they still make normal Squirt.
Otherwise, there will be a huge latino-fueled riot. I'm not even kidding!
Let's see, I spent time talking to various friends and peoples. Schirmeister showed up and tried to
get me to come to his July 4th BBQ. I made vague noncommittal noises.
I helped Stego with emptying the soda coolers of melted ice water and resupplying them with ice and soda.
I didn't take any pictures. You've seen a bunch of furries in a park, you've seen 'em all. :)
Darn, I never did post about Califur! Maybe later. I have a few photos of that.
All in all, it was a good day outdoors, talking to people and noshing on stuff.
It was really hot back at the Kzinti Freehold, so better the FurBQ than sweltering at home.

The event started wrapping up at sundown and I left soon after.
The temperature gauge was the highest I'd seen it on the truck, but it went down as soon as I hit
the 55 and reached cruising speed. I made a mental note to put more premix into the radiator later.
I missed taking the 22 Westbound and figured I would just take the 5 Northbound instead.
WRONG! You can only take the 5 Southbound when you're Southbound on the 55!
Apparently, the natives know to take the 22 West instead to grab the 5 North.
Screw the tourists!! They don't need to go North! Goddamned Orange County freeway bullshit!
Anyway, I got off the 55 and took surface streets West for a while, then North.
I eventually hit the 5, got on, went to cruise speed, enjoyed myself for maybe 10 minutes...
And then we all slowed to a crawl. At 10pm. On a Saturday. WTF?
I saw 4 identical white (or possibly yellow) fire trucks without markings zoom by in the carpool lane.
5 minutes later, we started accelerating again after passing some spent flares on the freeway and
a couple of trashed cars resting on the right shoulder. Hmmmmm, accident just finished cleaning up.
Cruising speed was reached and sustained pretty much all the way.
Upon approaching the 10 freeway transition in Downtown L.A., I saw the 4 white (yellow?) fire trucks
again, still driving in formation, and taking the 5 Northbound. Hmmmmm, fire trucks without markings.
I got home unloaded the stuff and walked into the Kzinti Freehold. And it was HOT in there!!
The A/C was turned on post-haste, and the computer in the bedroom was thoroughly ignored.
Too hot in there to compute. I dragged my futon into the living room with the intent of sleeping there.
I chilled and watched Volume 3 of "Black Lagoon", the politically unafraid action anime for grown-ups.
Fun stuff! I highly recommend it! Then I watched some Season 2 "Babylon 5" on DVD.
Then went to sleep in the blessed coolness.

Sunday: too hot to use the computer, so avoided doing that.
Went to Chipotle for lunch and got quarters for laundry. Did two loads and played "Need For Speed:
Most Wanted" while the laundry was happening. Had the living room A/C on, of course.
The Ford GT in "NFS:MW" is a BEAST! It feels heavy and powerful and reaches insane speed!
But it is not nimble. Also, with the turbo installed, it makes scary whining noises.
I'm one milestone short of being able to challenge the Number 2 guy on the list.
I need to dodge 8 spike-strips equipped roadblocks successfully. Unfortunately, the pursuit Corvettes
have a tendency to show up rather quickly and they are ruthless! And sometimes, they just cheat.
The Ford GT is not the tool to use for cop evasion. The Renault Clio works better.
Eventually, laundry was done and I had to brave the bedroom to fire up the computer and check e-mail.
Not much there to see. E-mail is usually slow on weekends.
Not much feedback regarding the DJ Pascal mix CDs. I am disappointed.
Maybe it will pick up during the week.
I made myself a light dinner and watched Disc 3 of Season 1 of "The Invaders" ("In Color!").

Then I watched 2 more Season 2 episodes of "Babylon 5". One episode had a commentary track of
Claudia "Ivanova" Christian, Bruce "Sheridan" Boxleitner and Jerry "Garibaldi" Doyle basically
goofing off and making fun of how young they looked back then.
Bruce: "Wow Jerry, look at that! You have hair!"
Claudia: "Yeah, look at that! It's like a Chia Pet!"
Jerry: "And here's Captain Happy! Seriously, you were always smiling!"
Bruce: "I know, I know. Joe came down a few times and asked to smile less."
Jerry: "Watch out Susan! He's gonna offer you orange juice!"
I haven't laughed that hard in a while!! :D
And then I laughed even harder when I heard THIS tonight!!
I got it from [livejournal.com profile] klaatuwolf, it's a Luke Ski song called "No Sleep Til Babylon".
You can listen on the webpage, or download an MP3 (128).
It's the Beastie Boys' seminal "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" done Babylon 5 style!
It's also got bits of other Beastie Boys tunes in it! And special guest rapper Zathras!
It's freakin' hilarious! Make sure you listen all the way to the end!

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Well, enough with the not-posting. I think it's time for some general faffing.

First, please send some hugs to Spino (aka [livejournal.com profile] dcotelessa) and Sweetie.
Their kitty Mojo passed away today and they're feeling down.

And now, the faffing commences!

I recently joined the 21st Century and finally got myself an LCD widescreen monitor.
Someone on Slickdeals.net forums mentioned buying a 21.6" LG widescreen monitor for $139.99 at Best Buy.
This got my attention because my existing monitor, an old Sylvania CRT cube, was starting to twitch.
And the Samsung LCD unit I was looking at cost around $300.
So I went to the local Beast Buy to investigorikate.
The monitor was on some sort of bizarre geographical/store performance/stok on hand calculated sale.
Every Best Buy store had it for a different price!! At my local store, it was $239.99!
So I told the salesdude about someone getting it for $139.99.
He punched the model number into the computer and brought up a list of L.A. area BB stores.
The prices were all over the place, from $169.99 to $239.99!
I got him to price-match the Glendale store price of $169.99, and his manager okayed it!
So, while I didn't get it for $140, I still saved a bunch of money on it!
I walked home with my new purchase (thank the Fanged God the box had a handle!) and installed it.
I went from a 17" salvage CRT running at 1024x768 to a 21.6" LCD running at 1680x1050!!
So much real estate! How will I cope with it? Very well, thank you. :)
Here's a shot of the new monitor:

On the left is SimpleMU connected to FurryMuck.
On the right is Netflix's website streaming "Doctor Who: The Robots Of Death".
Domo arigato, Mistah Roboto!
All my icons are along the top (I like to keep the numbers of icons down to just programs I use a lot)
So yes, pretty exciting for me, as I've been using salvaged CRT monitors since 2003.
The last new monitor I bought was a Viewsonic 19" Graphics Series unit I ordered in 1999.
Back then, nobody had the 19-inchers in stock locally, only 17" and 21". A salesman had told me that this
was because monitor buyers tended to fall into two categories:
1) People buying for personal use and getting the cheapest units, so 17-inchers.
2) People buying for work or home and making it a tax write-off, so splurging on 21-inchers.
The Viewsonic lasted 4 years, then just died one day.
From then on, I used monitors salvaged here and there.
And now, glorious LCD widescreen bliss with a silly name: FLATRON!!

I've started sorting and organizing the Sibling's stuff. The CDs alone are going to take several days
to fully process. There are tons of special CD-Rs that have to be destroyed: duplicates for mixing and
custom compilations created for gigging. I've filled 4 grocery bags with those and also broken CD cases.
I'm going to keep a bunch of the commercial CDs and merge them with my collection. There are a lot
I will not keep. I took a small portion of them (just a backpack-full) to Amoeba Records in Hollywood
last week and they didn't pick much. I went to Second Spin next and they didn't pick much either.
Most likely, I will have to hit other places that buy used CDs. I think I will also eBay some of them.
I have a couple of CDs I'm thinking about putting up on Furbid or other furry auction sites.
It's "The Trip Hop Test Part One" and "The Trip Hop Test Part Two" from Moonshine Records.
Each CD features a track by a furry music artist called Step Disk. Part One has "Boing Dragon".
Part Two has "Furvert", along with Step Disk remixing a track from Zen Cowboys.
Step Disk is probably the only furry music artist to appear on a major record label.
So it's a bit of furry history.
I figure somebody might be interested in picking these up.

The sorting and merging of the VHS tape collection, on the other, is complete. In the process,
I threw out all my "Babylon 5" and "Smallville" videotapes, because I finally got the DVDs!
Best Buy was having a sale on both, $20 a season, and I was tired of waiting, especially for B-5.
So I got them, and now I'm a happy Kzin!
And I have one less storage box of videotapes to drag around.

Soon, I need to sort all the vinyl, picking out what I want to keep. Then, have Pascal's DJ friend
come by and pick out what they want. Then, take the rest to Amoeba, and maybe Record Surplus.
I probably should have his friends look through the clothing too.
Oy gevalt...

More faffing later...


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