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(Sally Struthers)Do you like Orbital? Sure, we all do!(/Sally Struthers)

1) SATAN - 2) Don't Stop Me (their new one) - 3) Chime (their first one) - 4) Doctor Who Theme (because they're fans)
(This is not their full set. I have not found that online yet.)

Watch for the very special cameo at the end. :D
(Hint: he's been to Easter Island, and they loved him there!)

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So [livejournal.com profile] coyoteseven and I went to see "Clash Of The Titans" in 2D today.
(The 3D was a last-minute retrofit, we figured it would look like ass, so we saw it in plain 2D)
It was okay, I guess. Not nearly shouty enough, not "300" enough, and surprisingly not at all "God Of War"-esque.
Also, Perseus gets a lightsaber.
("Your father wanted you to have this - when you were old enough." "Gosh! Wowee! Jeepers! Golly willickers!")
And aside from Zeus and Perseus, the other gods pretty much just stood around and looked good.
So, it was the Zeus And Hades Show, with special guest Perseus! :D

In related news, [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda has just released her "Clash Of The Titans In 15 Minutes" parody recap.
Share and enjoy!

I watched the new Doctor Who when I got home, "The Beast Below".
Not a bad episode, but something feels... . . ...Off...
Next week looks interesting: Spitfires in space! For real!
And the ol' British Bulldog himself! And everybody's favorite shouty pepperpots. :D

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Happy Chocolate Eggs And Bunny Day everybody!

How about a nice earthquake???
That one felt like motion on the ocean.

In other news, I was at Auntie [livejournal.com profile] selenesue's place yesterday for to watch stuff and have funky bitchin' disco time.
We watched three episodes of "Harry Hill's TV Burp", a manic British version of "Talk Soup/The Soup" with lots
of props and various high-jinks. The show makes fun of assorted British TV shows, especially the soaps and the
reality shows, which are always such trainwrecks anyway. And some of the people being made fun of actually show up
on "TV Burp"! I say old chap, those Brits do seem to have a rather well-developed sense of fairplay. :)
Since a friend of Auntie Sue showed up later with the new "Doctor Who" for us to watch, we also watched the
Xmas 2009 edition of "QI", with David Tennant as one of the panelists. I think I've mentioned "QI" here before,
it's a BBC celebrity quiz panel show hosted by Stephen Fry where everything you know is wrong. :)
"QI" stands for "Quite Interesting" and points are awarded for interesting, though not necessarily correct, answers.
Points are taken away for obvious, boring, mundane answers. The show is all about geek nitpickery, really. :)
So then we watched the new Who.
No spoilers here. I'll just say that the new kid is not bad, so far.
And the episode is vintage Moffat. Maybe a little too vintage. :)
And the new theme is rockin'!
The next episodes should be fun. And I'm so glad it's back to a weekly-ish schedule, instead of quarterly. :P
When I got home, I got my hands on the "Doctor Who Confidential" for this episode and watched it.
It's got a tasty Kraftwerk/trance version of the theme music that I really dig. I'd love to get an MP3 of it!

About 3 days ago, I gave up pestering the local Ralphs for Kosher Coke, as it was not having any effect.
So I drove to Glatt Mart (for all your kosher needs!) and bought 3 bottles (2-liter) of the stuff! L'chaim! :D
Herewith, for informational purposes only, a photo of the two surviving bottles:

Notice the label saying "Coca-Cola" only (no "Coke"), no mention of Coke Points, and the tell-tale yellow cap.
The ingredients list features "sucrose" instead of "high fructose corn syrup".
Thanks to the HFCS-ification of American Coke, I had forgotten what "Real" Coke smelled and tasted like.
It smells like smoke/caramel/tar/caffeine and tastes a bit like it too. :)
The startling thing is that it has no after-taste. At least, I didn't experience any.
But you know, to be honest, between Kosher Coke and Pepsi Throwback, I kinda like Pepsi Throwback more. :)
That said, if Coca-Cola and Pepsi made both products a permanent addition to their line-up, I would buy both.
Especially if Kosher Coke came in 12oz cans. Because it's only available in 2-liter bottles and I'm just one Kzin!
And the soda goes flat rather quickly once the bottles are open!
I'm not gonna be one of those people who drinks a whole 2-liter bottle a day by themselves.

Anyway, time to head out and hunt down some dinner.
Enjoy your evening!

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I happened to glance at [livejournal.com profile] lordgloria's journal and was mind-ray-ed into doing this...

When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who (classic or new series) on your LJ.

I'm not a big Doctor Who fan but here goes...

"The Americans don't have the monopoly on bad taste, you know."
The Doctor with the huge scarf and ridiculously curly hair, talking to his companion as they visit a funeral planet.
As in, the whole planet is one big funeral home/mausoleum/cemetery.


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