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I just saw this on Slickdeals.net and it's too good not to share.
Warner Bros' online store has a trade-in program where you can send in DVDs you own and get Bluray versions in return.
The movies cost either $4.95 or $6.95 each based on what title it is, and there are 91 titles in total.
WB pays you to mail them your DVDs only (you keep the cases), and they send you brand-new Blurays in brand-new cases.
Shipping is $4.95 per order or free if you order for more than $35's worth of stuff.
You can only trade in 25 separate movies per household.
The website is called DVD2BLU.
I looked at the list and I counted 10 DVDs I already own. :)
As soon as I get a Bluray player, I'm taking advantage of this!

I did some poking around and found that they have a similar program for HD-DVDs.
Just go to RED2BLU instead.
It works the same way, and there are 125 titles to choose from, including some boxsets
Prices are about the same, except for some TV show boxsets at $9.95.

I hope y'all find this useful!

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So I've had this toothache jaw-ache in my lower right jaw for the past couple of weeks.
It's either the broken molar in back or the forward molar that's missing its crown.
I don't have insurance and I don't have spare cash for the dentist, so I have to tough it out.
It was hard when the pain kept me from sleeping. I thought I was gonna lose my darn fool mind.
I was using Tylenol because acetaminophen seems to work better than anything else for me.
But I read up on it and talked to someone who works at a pharmacological company, who told me she didn't know a
single chemist who used acetaminophen themselves. So I dumped the Tylenol, switched to Motrin IB (ibuprofen),
then was recommended Aleve by auntie [livejournal.com profile] selenesue, and that's what I've been using since Sunday.
And wowie, this stuff works!
I take it every 8 hours, as recommended, and I only feel the occasional twinge from the jaw.
Eventually, I need to take care of this, but I'm not sure how.
How messed-up is it that one gets to the point where one hopes to win the Super-Lotto just to afford healthcare?
Help me Obama, you're my only hope! :D

Anyway, back around Christmas, I learned that my paternal grandmother had died back in August in France.
I didn't know her first name, she was just "mamie" (granma) to me. She owned a couple of apartments, and I'm one
of three inheritors of her estate. The other two are my aunts Pat and Marti. I've told the executor of the estate
that I want to sell my shares to my aunts, so maybe I'll get some Euros down the road. That would be nice.
Especially since I'm still at an impasse with the SACEM and DJ Pascal's royalties.
Goddamn French and their damnblasted bureaucracy...

And now, time for a lil' weekend recap!

Saturday: I was planning to run some errands in the afternoon, then attend my neighbor's party at 7:30pm.
My neighbors across the hall were throwing a housewarming party, one year after moving into their apartment.
And they posted lil' invites on all the doors of the other apartments in the building. How cool!
Anyway, I was gassing up the (St)Ranger prior to errand-running when I got a phone call from auntie [livejournal.com profile] selenesue.
She was wondering if I was coming over. I was confused by this because I thought I was going over there Sunday.
Well, no, because she was busy Sunday. So I cancelled my errands, went home, changed, grabbed some DVDs and took off.
The theme of the video party was "fun stuff you can watch and talk during", so I selected a few titles I thought were
appropriate: "CQ", "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?", "Ocean's 11", "Speed Racer", "Spy Kids" and one other.
When I got there, "Lord Peter Whimsy" was already in progress, a veritable parade of stiff upper lips. :)
We then watched an amusing student film called "1-900-Drinking-Buddies" by the daughter of one of the guests.
Rather well-done, I must say. Those classes at USC Film School are paying off!
It was about that time I talked about my jawache and my switching to Motrin IB. Auntie Selene had some Aleve,
so she told me to try some. It took a while kick in but the pain did go away. I resolved to switch to Aleve.
The crowd was split between "Ocean's 11" and "Speed Racer" for the next feature, and Speed eventually won.
The colors! The car-fu! The goofy cartoon plot and dialogue! The crowd loved it! "Perfect casting", they said!
We even watched the hilariously technobabble-filled extra feature profiling the cars and racetracks!
Afterwards, I upgraded Auntie Selene's PS3 with the newest firmware (had to use a thumbdrive because of bad wifi,
bad! connection) and showed her the trailer for the "WipEout HD" videogame in the Sony PlayStation Store.
She then finally understood why I kept saying that "Speed Racer" reminded me so much of "WipEout".
And then it was late and time to go home.
As I drove up to my apartment building, I saw that my neighbor's party was still going, so I parked, dumped my stuff
at home, and went to check it out. It was 1am by then, so most of the guests were either buzzed or sloshed.
There was cheese! Spanish Manchego, Swiss Gruyère and French Goat Cheese. There were also various other tasty things.
I met family members and friends of my neighbors, and even a couple of my neighbors too. One of them has apparently
been in his apartment for 10 years. He works as a special assistant to the Scott brothers, Ridley and Tony.
Tony Scott directed the film "Domino", based on Domino Harvey's life, sort of. DJ Pascal used to date Domino Harvey.
The circle is now complete. :D
It was fun and I stayed until 4:30am Daylight Savings Time. Aaaaaaah yes, Daylight Savings Time kicked in during the
party and we lost one hour. I hate you so much, DST, you must die in a fire, as the kids say these days.

Sunday: I slept well, thanks to the Aleve. I picked up some while running my errands, then went home to do eBay stuff.
I watched Season 1 Disc 1 of "Burn Notice", recommended to me by a coworker, and I enjoyed it.
It's a bit like "Bourne MacGyver": he's an agent with lots of training, and he can make spy tools with off-the-shelf
stuff and lots of duct tape. His ex-IRA girlfriend is hilarious and reminds me a bit of Domino Harvey.
And it's got Bruce Campbell! Yeah, I'm enjoying this. I queued the other discs of Season 1.

And speaking of Netflix, I'm currently watching mostly TV shows:
1) Season 2 "The Invaders" (a childhood show)
2) Season 1 and 2 "The New Avengers" (ditto. I forgot how ruthless Mike Gambit was)
3) "The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr." (BRUUUUUUCE!! It's like "Wild Wild West", except funnier)
4) Season 1 "Burn Notice" (Bourne MacGyver with dysfunctional family and friends. Also, BRUUUUUUCE!!)
My Internet Explorer is working again, but Streamflixing is still unreliable.

And I did not go see "Watchmen". Maybe this weekend.
Oh wait, I'm probably working this weekend. And I also have a LUGOLA meeting very close to work.
Hmmmmmmmmm, this weekend will be interesting...

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What's better than a Chipotle is Westwood?
A Chipotle in Downtown Culver City! :D
Yes, a nice female coworker informed me today that there is a Chipotle on Culver Blvd, a few doors
down from my favorite local theater, the Pacific Culver City Stadium 12. There used to be some kind
of baja/seafood Mexican joint there, but it's gone now and Chipotle took the space over.
This is awesome news! It's a 5 minute drive from work! I can have Chipotle for lunch!
In fact, I just did! :D

I'm back at work after having Monday off. I worked Saturday and Sunday (though only 3 hours on Sunday).
On Monday, I took care of business (gas bill, cellphone bill, car insurance, water and Gatorade).
I stopped by Best Buy to look around and stumbled across some killer DVD deals.
Best Buy has a bunch of DVDs for $3.99, $6.99 and $9.99, and some of it is definitely worth it.
Here are a few examples (there are many more titles on sale):
"Inside Man", "Snatch", "X-Men", "X-Men 2", "L4yer Cake", "Spaceballs", "Friday Night Lights" ($3.99)
"Casino Royale" (Daniel Craig), "Crank", "Planet Terror", "Death Proof", "War", "1408" ($6.99)
"Live Free Or Die Hard", "Transformers" (recent), "Serenity", "Walk Hard", "AvP: Requiem" ($9.99)
That's just a small sample.
I picked up a couple of titles I've been putting off buying: "Falling Down" and "I,Robot".
They were in the "$3.99 each" category.
Don't steal movies! Not when they're this cheap! :D

Back to work!

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So there I was, surrounded by at least a hundred Drazis, and I couldn't find my w'tsai.
Oh wait, wrong story.

So there I was, at the local Ralphs (Krogers elsewhere), buying water and other beverages.
I was casing the Ben & Jerry's freezer ($2.50 a pint is a darn good price, non?) and happened to
glance at the DVD rack thoughtfully placed in the middle of the aisle (not isle).
I examined the cover art of various DVDs and noticed this:

Hmmmm, the blurb says "based on the memoir by John McCain and Mark Salter".
It's an A&E production and it focuses on the 5 years McCain spent as a Vietnam POW.
Scott Glenn plays McCain Senior. Wow. The DVD was released in 2005.
It's now 2008 and the studio has decided to create a cardboard sleeve to go over the DVD case.
Check this out:

I saw what you did there! :D

It's now "based on the best-selling memoir".
And it's being touted as "the true story of JOHN MCCAIN".
And there's a nice big American flag.
How festive!! :D

I love marketing...

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I got my hands on the new Best Buy DVD deals slightly ahead of time, so here there are!
These prices go into effect on Sunday June 8th.
Golly, that's tomorrow! :)
Titles of interest have been bolded.
Unfortunately, I don't know which specific versions of the films are on sale.

$4.99 DVDs:
Alien - so, for example, I don't know which version of "Alien" this is.
The Day After Tomorrow - perfect MST3K fodder.
I, Robot - Isaac who?
Predator - "Get to da choppa!!"
Eragon - MST3K fodder also.
Fantastic 4
Ong-Bak: Good Humor Ice Cream Man

Okay, not much there.
Moving on...

$6.99 DVDs:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
License To Wed
The DaVinci Code - I found this slow and boring. "National Treasure" was more fun.
Ghost Rider - already got that.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
The Pursuit Of Happyness - The heartbreak of misspelling.
Rescue Dawn - excellent Christian Bale Vietnam POW drama, based on a true story.
Sunshine - awesome sci-fi adventure with stunning visuals, great sound and tight performances.
Eddie Murphy: Delirious - back when Eddie was funny.
The Departed - it's Martin Scorsese! What more do you want?
Casino Royale - kick-ass Bond from hell. New collector's edition coming out in November though.
Shooter - by the numbers framed sniper action flick.
Mr. Brooks - kinda like "American Psycho", but suburban and "nicer".
Flags Of Our Fathers - the American side.
Letters From Iwo Jima - the Japanese side.
Apocalypse Now: The Complete Dossier - contains both theatrical and Redux version, plus extras.
Home Of The Brave
Happy Feet - get "Surf's Up" instead, much better.
Rocky Balboa
Zodiac (1st Pressing)
TROY: Director’s Cut aka Ultimate Collector’s Edition - What? I liked it! :)

Right there, the selection is more interesting.
And finally, for the sake of completeness:

$12.99 DVDs:
Mad Money
Wild Hogs
The Game Plan
High School Musical 2: Extended Edition
3:10 To Yuma
Good Luck Chuck
Spider-man 3 - Yeah, it's a little busy and scatterbrained, but Emo Peter made me laugh and laugh!
Superbad: 2 DVD Unrated Extended Edition
30 Days Of Night - zombie stuff, I think.
We Own The Night - not zombie stuff. Nightclub underworld cop thing.
Resident Evil: Extinction - more zombie stuff, with mad Mad Max flava!
Beowulf: Director’s Cut - Beowulf's peepee must be shielded at all times! :D
One Missed Call
August Rush
Nancy Drew
Across The Universe - Beatles-inspired headtrip, wheeeeeeeeee!
Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?
I Am Legend - I will have to get this eventually.
Charlie Wilson’s War
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End - personally, I'm waiting for the Treasure Chest...
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest - in other words, all three movies in one box-set.
Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom - "Snake Surprise!"
Indiana Jones & The Raiders Of The Lost Ark - "I make this up as I go."
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade - "Junior!"

And that's that.
Happy hunting!

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So there actually WAS a lunar eclipse! I thought I had gone crazy for a minute there.
I was in Downtown L.A. at about 8pm, and I looked at City Hall and the Moon was above it, with a very thin sliver
of really bright luminosity, and the rest of the Moon was darker but still quite visible. It looked really pretty.
I almost took a picture, but the cellphone doesn't have zoom and the Moon would have been barely visible.
Over an hour later, I'm walking home and I look up in the sky and the Moon is full!!!!
So I got home, cruised LJ and found people talking about the eclipse. Ah, okay, whew.
My eyesight remains dependable. :D

So it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I celebrated by ordering a couple of DVD boxsets online.
DeepDiscount.com was having a sale on Fox and MGM box-sets, ending on February 8th, and I found a couple of tasty things.
I received said tasty things in the mail today. (DeepDiscount ships free via Media Mail, so it takes time. But hey, free!)
I got the "Alien Quadrilogy", which includes all 4 Alien films in both theatrical and director's cut/special edition,
plus a DVD of extras for each film and a 9th DVD with even more extras. This boxset was released back in 2003,
and I didn't get it then because I already had "Alien", "Aliens", and "Alien: Resurrection" on laserdisc.
And my version of "Aliens" was the deluxe CAV edition with tons of extra footage and extras in it.
But my laserdisc player has been a butthead lately, so I wanted the convenience of DVD versions.
The box-set cost about $80 when it first came out, and the price came down since. It hit $30 during the sale. MINE! :D

I also got "The Mel Brooks Collection", which includes 8 of his movies and is perfect for people who either don't
like "Spaceballs" or already have it on DVD. Actually, that also applies to "The Producers" and "Life Sucks". :)
So, I hear you say because I'm insane and I hear voices, what movies do come in that box-set, Zrath?
I'm glad you asked! By alphabetical order, there's "Blazing Saddles", "High Anxiety",
"History Of The World: Part I", "Robin Hood: Men In Tights", "Silent Movie",
"To Be Or Not To Be", "The Twelve Chairs", and "Young Frankenstein".
I only had "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" on laserdisc, so I'm happy to fill out my collection so fast.
According to the sticker on the box-set, 5 of the 8 films were not available on DVD previously. I'm guessing this
would the 5 movies that are not "Blazing Saddles", "History Of The World: Part I", or "Young Frankenstein".
Sadly, the versions of "Blazing" and "Young" in this box-set are NOT the more recent anniversary issues with extras.
I guess I could always get those later. It's not that big a deal, really, my LD of "Young" is super-loaded with extras!
So anyway, this boxset was released in 2006 and I paid $40 for it. So, that's $5 per movie. Not bad! :D
Maybe I'll watch one tonight! Possibly "Silent Movie". You gotta love a movie that stars Marty Feldman, that features
a thrilling wheelchair chase scene with Paul Newman, and where you-know-who has the only spoken line in the entire film!

And speaking of Marty, when the hell are they gonna release "The Last Remake Of Beau Geste" on DVD!?!?!?!
I saw it in French theaters when I was a kid and it was gut-bustingly funny!
I saw it again, in English, on American TV and it was still gut-bustingly funny!
I tried to get it on laserdisc, but it was a hot ticket item on eBay, going past my bidding limit.
There are used VHS tapes, but man, I would kill for a DVD version!
I mean, look at that cast and tell me this can't be an hilarious film!
Michael York (as Beau Geste), Marty Feldman (as Beau Geste's twin brother. No, really!), Ann-Margret (as Mom Geste),
Peter Ustinov (evil French Foreign Legion sergeant), James Earl Jones (as "The Sheikh"), Trevor Howard (veteran actor),
Henry Gibson (yes, from "Laugh-In"!), Terry-Thomas (Mister Gap-Toothed Brit himself!), Roy Kinnear ("Help!"),
and Spike Milligan (legendary eccentric Irish funny guy, worked with Peter Sellers on "The Goon Show").
So yeah, fun stuff. Slaspsticky as all hell but really really fun stuff.
DVD release NOW dammit!!

And since we're talking DVDs, here's a little shopping tip from Slickdeals to all y'all:
The word on the street is that Gamestop will stop carrying DVDs soon, and they're gonna have a big sale!
On Monday February 25th, signs will go up indicating a special "Buy 2 Get 4 Free" sale.
This will be good on DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-Rays. I understand a lot of their stock is used stuff.
I don't know whether this sale extends to the EB Games sister stores as well or not.
Guess we will find out next Monday.



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