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Hey kids!
I've just uploaded photos of my two most recent Lego creations to Flickr!
And boy am I ready for bed! :)
Photo-set for the TIE Lander, which was built for the Legoland Star Wars LUG display.
Photo-set for Roton Subree and The Unseen Dagger, which is my entry for the FBTB.net bounty hunter contest.
Roton Subree is the bounty hunter and The Unseen Dagger is his ship.
Share and enjoy! :D

I'll probably work on the Legoland photos this weekend and post them on Flickr.
I'm thinking of doing two separate sets: one for the park photos, and one for the Star Wars LUG display.
Legoland has a nifty Las Vegas section in its Miniland area!

Time for go to bed!

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Is time for some general faffing, yes?

First, I've added some new photos to my Flickr account.
There are pictures from the Lego Pirate Build at Ontario Mills Mall from last Saturday.
After I finished building the SCAP Strike Package, I had lots of parts left over, so I built something else.
It's called "Weapon M" and it's a powerful crazy unstable dangerous Martian tech weapon system.
The kids call it "Big Bang". It's so dangerous that the cockpit is a removable fully-functional starfighter.
And finally, I put up pictures of a little Space Police Interceptor Pod I built way back in 1991. Yow...

It's San Diego ComiCon Weekend, and it's a good thing that people don't go there to swim in the ocean.
Gangs of delinquent jumbo flying squids have invaded the shallow waters and are roughing up divers.
Is this part of the Animal Uprising? You bet!
Forget zombies, it's gonna be an Animal Apocalypse!

Meanwhile, back in Santa Monica, I went to the Laemmle theater there and saw "Moon".
This is the nifty low-budget ($5 Million!) hard sci-fi movie directed by Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie)
and starring Sam Rockwell (who does indeed rock well) and Kevin Spacey as the moonbase AI Gerty.
Sam Rockwell plays a contractor for Lunar Industries LTD (see my new icon) who's on the Moon for 3 years.
He's babysitting a bunch of mining machines gathering HE3, the solution to all our energy problems.
He's only got two weeks to go and he starts having hallucinations. Maybe they're linked to his lack of
human contact (the comm sat is done, and it's low on the company's priority list. Typical).
Then, one day, he meets himself. DUM DUM DUUUUUUU!!!!!!
It's got that groovy sci-fi vibe from and homages to "Outland", "Alien", "Silent Running" and others.
And it's nice to see Weyland-Yutani's humble beginnings, possibly. :D
If it's playing near you, and you like intelligent sci-fi, for the love of Clarke, go see it!
If you look up "Moon" on Wikipedia, the entry spoils the whole plot, so be careful!
I like this one almost as much as I like "Sunshine", and I like "Sunshine" A LOT.
And it was the perfect antidote to "Transfomers: Revenge Of The Tribalcticons", which I saw Sunday.
It was about what I expected, except dumber and even more disconnected in narrative.
That Michael Bay, he can't tell a story to save his life.

EDIT: Apparently, it's NOT ComiCon Weekend this weekend.
It's ComiCon Weekend next weekend.
Still, watch out for squids!

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WARNING: the following post contains blatant Lego neepery. Proceed with caution.)

So back on Saturday June 20th, there was a LUGOLA meeting and I was planning to attend.
I wanted to bring something for display, so I decided to build the kind of MOC I love: a spaceship.
(MOC = My Own Creation. It's Lego-speak for stuff people build that's not a factory set)
I like the Lego Mars Mission theme, what with the mostly white vehicles with black and orange trim,
so I used 3 sets as a source: Ultra-Drill Walker, Hypersonic Operations Aircraft, and Recon Dropship.
I wanted to build something big, with extra features, so I needed a lot of parts.
Unfortunately, I had a bunch of stuff to do during the week, so I didn't get cracking on the MOC until
the evening of Thursday June 18th. I fired up the DVD player, dumped all the Lego parts on the table,
and went to work. I designed a pair of gunships first, I was planning to attach them to a mothership.
I christened them Orca-class gunships, because of their shape and coloring.
It took about 8 hours to complete the two Orcas before I knocked and went to bed. I had watched 2 DVDs:
Disc 2 Season 10 of "Top Gear" (4 episodes) and Disc 2 Season 2 of "FutureWeapons" (5 episodes).
I resumed work on the MOC at about 7pm on Friday June 19th. The mothership was tough to come up with.
I wanted it to have a cargo bay in rear for some kind of armed buggy, but that meant making a big ship.
Lego is notorious for skimping on parts and making spaceships that aren't always sealed or fully enclosed.
And I had a lot of Technic beams, with holes in them. I had to attach parts to them to cover the holes.
That's a pet peeve of mine, spaceships with unsealed cockpits.
I worked and reworked and rereworked the design of the mothership until I had something workable.
The cross-section of the mothership turned out to be narrower, but just as tall as I imagined.
When the rear section was 80% done, I concentrated on building the front section and cockpit.
I finished the mothership and was fairly happy with the result. Now there was only one thing left to do:
design and build the armed buggy for the cargo bay.
It had to be cool, it had to have guns, and it had to actually fit in the cargo bay.
By the time 5am rolled around, I had finished the buggy, but it didn't fit! Aaaaaaargh!
I redesigned it so the guns were slung lower, which meant removing 2 guns. I fiddled with other bits,
and eventually it fit! And it was cool! And it had 6 guns (down from 8)!
And it was 5:30am and the meeting started at 11am! So I went to bed.
The DVD player had not been used this time. The VCR had played for me 5 episodes of MST3K to help me in
my task: "King Dinosaur", "Wild Rebels", "The Hellcats", "Cave Dwellers", and "Crash Of The Moons".
I woke up at 11am and made it to the LUGOLA meeting at noon.
And I unveiled my MOC, the SCAP (Self-Contained Attack Pod) strike package.
It's called a "pod" because it's a group of cetaceans. The mothership is a Rorqual-class attack transport,
the two fighters are Orca-class gunships, and the armed buggy is a Fluke-type mobile artillery unit.
And here is the SCAP strike package in all its glory on Flickr.

There were parts left over, and I made something else with them. Watch for that soon.

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Okay, so, that SuperLotto ticket I bought on Wednesday? I got 2 bucks! Wooh!

I signed up for unemployment Thursday. EDD gave me an extension back in July '08, I think it's still good.
This would be awesome because I would be getting benefits based on my time at Amp'd Mobile, the GOOD job.
If EDD decides to base my benefits on Spin Master instead, I am screwed. I would need to move out.
I'd rather find a good-paying job, of course. We shall see what EDD does.

The photos of my newest Lego MOC, the Geonosian Interceptor, are up on Flickr. It's not canon, it's my
own lil' idea. The Geonosians have fighters, I figure they may also have beefier versions.
The ship is made from only the parts of the Count Dooku Solar Sailer set.

Meanwhile, my alma mater, Fairfax High School, has elected a guy as Prom Queen. No, really.
Of course, when I went to Fairfax High, the area was not called West Hollywood yet. :)

I've just made plans to go see "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" with [livejournal.com profile] coyoteseven tomorrow Saturday.
This should be fun. It's been out a while so we should get good seats. :)

Here comes the weekend!

Mar. 4th, 2009 12:17 am

Heck Week

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Not quite as bad as Hell Week, but still pretty darn trying!
It took me a whole weekend to recover!

Of AFOLs, defective trucks and Mondays )

I'm sure I'm forgetting various things, but that's the way it is.
If I remember, I'll post about it.
I do have a bunch of photos waiting to be turned into Random posts though.
So watch for amusing and/or fail pics!

Ciao bambinos!
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So I went to "Marching Thru History" today, and it was fun.
I finally decided to do something with my Flickr account, and uploaded the pictures I took today.
Go here to see the cool military stuff.

More later...


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