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Warning: a Combine Outpost has been sighted in Culver City.
No other Combine presence has been detected.
Remain vigilant and report all Combine activity to your cell leader.

Combine Outpost

In other news, I've got some kind of crud and odds are good I'm going to take
my first sick day ever from work tomorrow.
Blargh and double blargh.

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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] martes:

I've seen this a dozen times already and IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER! :D

This appeals to my machine side:

Old-School Electro (breakdance music) meets infommercial. "Hit it like this!"

It's Fleet Week in San Francisco, Imperial style! :D

And I have saved the best for last.
This was shown only at conventions. I taped it with my camcorder at San Diego ComiCon in 1995.
It was finally made available for all to see last year.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Babylon 5: Requiem"...

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So, on Saturday, I went to see [livejournal.com profile] coyoteseven and we caught "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".
I had planned to be at Chez Coyote at 13:30, but I arrived 20 minutes later.
I swear, every light from the Kzinti Freehold to the La Cienega/405 junction was red!
And every idiot was on the road, pulling all sorts of stupid stunts and getting in my way!
I almost turned back, thinking that maybe this was a sign from Fate or Urd or something.
But I perversed, I mean I persevered, and once I hit the 405, it was smooth sailing.
I grabbed the 105 Eastbound and went into Hyperspace (to find another race! :D)
I rode the 105 to its end at the 605 and took a tricky exit I had spotted on GoogleMaps.
Success! I was very near Chez Coyote. I snagged him and we went to the theater.
The show was at 14:30, but I like to show up early to get good seats.
The theater was ridiculously understaffed for a 20-screen AMC. There was only one ticker seller,
though a second one appeared when it was our turn. There was no ticket taker inside, the post was empty.
Anybody could have walked in and watched a movie or two. Damn sloppy, really damn sloppy.
The screening room was not cleaned, I had to remove popcorn from the seats that 'Yote and I were gonna use.
We had the room to ourselves. Seven went to get some concessions while I stayed put and got caught up on
commercials I don't get to see since I have no cable and no broadcast reception at home.
One commercial caught my eye and made me think of [livejournal.com profile] kibbles, it's a TV show called "Nurse Jackie".
And because cops, lawyers and doctors/nurses still dominate the airwaves, another ad pushed a new TV show
called "Doctor Will Smith's Wife". Okay, not quite, but the show does feature Jada Pinkett Smith as
A Tough Doctor With A Heart Of Gold Who Doesn't Play By The Rules.
You know what I would like to see? A new TV show where the main character is an architect. :)
El Coyote came back with a mound of food, and 12 other people had come in while he was gone.
And then, we had trailers, and I went into Adam Sandler RAGE! That putz is in a new movie by Jud Apatow!
RAGE INCREASING! It's called "Funny People" and also includes that dumbass Seth Rogen! MASSIVE RAGE!!
The MASSIVE RAGE prevents me from remembering what the other trailers were.
Eventually, the movie starts and Coyote Seven whispers, "I almost forgot which movie we came in to see."
Wolverine: fun, but dumb. People doing dumb stuff for scripticular reasons. And what a waste of Wade.
Be sure to watch for SuperAirwolf at the end. :D
I don't know which ending we saw, and I don't care. I'll check when the DVD comes out.

After the movie, early dinner! We drove around and mulled over various places to eat. We passed a brand
spanking new Shakey's and put a pin in it to remember it as a possibility. We drove onward into Downey
and started regretting it. It's not a nice place, Downey, all industrial and liquor stores and stuff.
We turned back and went to the brand spanking new Shakey's with the pin stuck in it. :)
The Shakey's was busy, with a couple of little league teams and several families.
We each ordered a medium pizza and a drink. I ordered a thin crust, El 'Yote ordered a pan pizza.
We got our drinks, picked a booth and chatted while our orders were being made. My buddy's pizza arrived
first and he proposed some of it to me. I thanked him and ate one slice, slowly, because it was hot.
My pizza arrived, and it was a pan instead of a thin crust. We verified that, yes, the order was taken
correctly, but the pizza was made wrong. I sent the wrong pizza back and asked for the correct one.
The server returned with the pan version of mine and said we could keep it. The correct one was baking.
Dude! Free pizza! W00T!!
I ate 3 slices of the pan version of mine and put the rest in a box.
The thin crust version of mine showed up and I tucked into it, after waiting for it to cool a bit.
I ordered a canadian bacon/mushroom/extra cheese and it was delicious. I ate the whole damn thing!
Hmmmmmmmmmm, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze........

Dinner concluded, we went back to C7's place and watched most of "Star Trek: Generations" in full screen.
Boy, that felt weird. Everything I watch lately is letterboxed and watching that movie in full screen
format on a widescreen TV was bizarre. I heckled the heck out of the movie and in the process, realized
that it was a dick move of a Star Trek movie when you stop and think about it.
I mean, they kill Kirk, they destroy the Enterprise D (which I disliked, so no problems there :D),
Picard's family estate and family gets wiped out in a fire. Seriously, what the hell?!?!?
And the whole thing with the Nexus Ribbon? If Picard and Kirk screw up, they're back in the Nexus.
Which means they can get out again and try again. And again. And again. It's like a save point for life!
Oy gevalt...
Once the movie was over, El Yote switched to Bravo, where "Coming To America" was just starting.
I stayed a bit and watched to see James Earl Jones. And we noticed that the "royal penis" scene was cut.
Ah Bravo. Remember when you used to be a cinephile channel with a no-editing policy?
I do. And now you suck, like all the other non-premium movie channels, except TMC.
'Cause TMC is keeping it real, yo!
Anyway, I bailed and I drove home. It was a pretty smooth ride.
I watched "Astérix: Mission Cléopatre", the second live-action movie and laughed a lot.
They really worked within the spirit of Astérix and went nuts with the anachronisms and puns.
I got hungry and ate some of the Shakey's pan pizza. :)
Then I watched episode 7 of "Dollhouse" and laughed. Not as much as with Astérix, but still a good amount.
If you're a fan of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and you remember Season 1, I have three words for you:
"The Naked Now"

Sunday: I stayed home. All day. I did stuff. I ate the last of the pizza.
Oh yeah, I played the "Minerva: Metastasis" mod for "Half-Life 2" and the last chapter really kicked my ass.
It also crashed, three times. I'm 95% done with the game, but between the onslaught of zombines, howlers,
combines and elite combines, AND the game crashing, it's just insane! Good mod though.
I need a new computer.

And I need sleep, it's late.
Got a busy week this week.



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