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Apparently, I'm now moonlighting as a minor character in a new Lego-related webcomic.
It's called Bricklandia and it will appear on the From Bricks To Bothans website.
In the meantime, a poster with all the characters has just gone up on the site.
I'm the one on the right, modeled on the upcoming The Hulk minifigure.


Tee hee...

This is WAY better than being in West Corner Of The Park! :D

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Snapped this monster about 10 minutes ago, outside the Kzinti Freehold.
Wingspan was easily 6 inches.
Dat's a big 'un!

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So yes, another post about the love of my life: Legos.
And my favorite set of 2008, eventhough it's not out yet, the Republic Gunship.
Some actual photos of the new Star Wars "Clone Wars" Lego sets popped up on Brickshelf yesterday.
They were taken at the London Toy Fair and the resolution is pretty decent.
Here we see the new Republic Gunship in all its glory.
The Gunship's nose art turns out to be a Salacious Crumb-type critter dropping a missile with both hands.
(Salacious Crumb is Jabba's laughing little beaky monkey pet in "Return Of The Jedi")
The Gunship also has kill markings. The Gunship's a different model from the ones seen in "Episode II".
It doesn't have the side guns, and instead is full of compartments with opening access panels, and what looks like
some kind of drop-pod. I think this is a Special Operations commando variant of the Republic Gunship.
Here's a photo of the minifigures to be included with the set:
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress (with custom lightsaber hilts), Commander Cody (with custom guns), clone trooper.
If you want to see the other pictures in the set, with the AT-TE, Magnaguard Fighter and V-19 Torrent, just go here.

I also stumbled across what could possibly be the absolute largest Lego construction I have ever seen.
I am not kidding, this thing is HUGE!! Like 93 FEET HUGE!! It's 93 FEET LONG!! 29 METERS!!
It's a minifigure-scaled model of the proposed Gibraltar Bridge and it looks like this.
The whole bridge is 93 feet (29 meters) long, the towers are 13 feet (4 meters) high, and it's made up of 200,000 parts.
There's no glue or ropes or metal bars or anything like that. It's all 100% Lego parts and sound engineering.
The builders of this ginormous Lego bridge were inspired by an episode of "Engineering The Impossible" on The Discovery
Channel which featured the Gibraltar Bridge Project. If the real thing was to be built, it would be the highest and
longest bridge in the world, with gigantic towers 3,334 feet (1 km) high, and a total length of 8.7 miles (14 kms).
The mind, she boggles...
Additional photos of the Lego Gibraltar Giant can be found in the following two folders:
1) this folder shows preliminary work and research, and the bridge under construction.
2) this folder shows the bridge on diplay at the LEGOWORLD event in Zwolle (Netherlands).
Those wacky Dutch AFOLs...
(Adult Fans Of Lego)

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From the makers of "Kzinti-Sized Universal Remote"!



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