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Today's Jean Michel Jarre concert in Monaco for the Royal Wedding there.
The first 7 minutes of video are a test tone, so just skip over it.
Then it's the dulcet tones of "Waiting For Cousteau" (fractal music)
until JMJ arrives by boat at around 26 minutes in. Then it's PARTY TIME! :D

Video streaming by Ustream

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I was in the shower when the Challenger exploded.
My father was watching the launch and told me when I got out.
I thought he was joking.
I watched the replays, unable to process what I was seeing until several hours later.

Astronaut Ron McNair was supposed to play the saxophone live from orbit.
His performance was to be the last track on Jean Michel Jarre's "Rendez Vous" album.
This is that track, with a guest saxophonist.

Space is beautiful. And dangerous.

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Hey guys!

Just a little note to mention that Jean Michel Jarre will be streaming his 10/10/10 London concert live online at 8pm London time (noon Pacific time)
The concert will be viewable either at
or both.
I better set my alarm clock. :D

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Well, once again I put on my sad face because someone I liked has passed.
Maurice Jarre, father of Jean Michel Jarre and prolific film soundtrack composer, died yesterday of cancer at the age of 84 in Los Angeles.
Monsieur Jarre has 150 film score credits on IMDB, including timeless classics like "Lawrence Of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago".
His soundtrack for the film "Grand Prix" inspired all the music heard in the classic "Pole Position" videogames.
He could seemingly score any kind of film, from that massive all-star-cast WWII blockbuster "The Longest Day" to the bizarre and frightening and excellent "Jacob's Ladder".
He even scored my mostest favoritest funny movie ever: "Top Secret" with Val Kilmer.
Truly a versatile composer.
He will be missed.

Also no longer with us is Andy Hallett, who played the demon Lorne on the "Buffy" and "Angel" TV shows.
I never watched the former but I did watch the latter and I always enjoyed seeing Lorne onscreen.
Mister Hallett died of heart failure at the age of 33. My god, that's young.
May he rest in peace.

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eMusic unleashed two more Jean Michel Jarre albums today:

1) Les Granges Brulées" ("The Burnt-Out Barns"), a 1974 soundtrack album for the French film of the same name.
Up to now, it's been a highly collectable LP release, so it's great that eMusic makes it widely available.
The actual music is pretty early and rough. Jean Michel is cutting his musical teeth and it shows.
Some of it sounds like kinda wacky early synthesizer martian music.
The website has problems with all the accents in the French titles, so it's hard to read some of the track names.
I don't know if I'll get it.

2) "Métamorphoses", from 2000. This one, I'm definitely downloading once my account reloads!
If you've seen or heard the "12 Dreams Of The Sun" 12-31-1999 concert at the Pyramids of Giza, you've heard tracks
from this album. It was a bit of departure for Jean Michel, this album. It had actual songs with actual lyrics.
And it moved away from the Oxygène/Equinoxe style of pure flowing keyboard space music. There's still some in there,
like in "Millions Of Stars". This album has a more global feel to it, and there's Natacha Atlas and Laurie Anderson.
I didn't like this album at first because it wasn't "Oxygène 14-21", but then I matured in my music tastes. :)
I'm especially partial to "je Me Souviens", "Bells" and "Love Love Love" (I love you, miss robot :D
So yeah, this one is definitely worth checking out.

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eMusic has just made "En Attendant Cousteau" (Waiting For Cousteau) available.
eMusic picked Alternative/Punk as the genre for some reason, and Electronic Ambient as the style, which is correct.
This album was released in 1990 and is a little bit different from Jarre's normal format.
There are only 4 tracks and the last one is over 45 minutes.
Track 4, "En Attendant Cousteau", is 47 minutes of floaty ethereal ambient constructed by JMJ's Atari ST computer.
He ran some sort of fractal composition program on it and loaded all his favorite sounds into all the soundbanks.
And these are the first 47 minutes, as the program could basically run forever.
I've used that track in the past to combat insomnia.

And then I found something longer that also worked.
Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon" album, which consists of one 61 minute-long floaty ethereal ambient composition.
As a matter of fact, they sound A LOT alike.
Which is pretty remarkable when you consider the fact that "Thursday Afternoon" was made using recorded music that
was then digitally edited, whereas "Cousteau" was generated on the fly by a computer running a fractal program.
Eno's CD was released in 1985. Jarre's CD came out in 1990.

And now, for a little game of Contrast And Compare!
First, 5 minutes of "Thursday Afternoon":

And now, 10 minutes of "En Attendant Cousteau":

What do you think, sirs?

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eMusic just added a whole bunch of Jean-Michel Jarre stuff!
I'm not going to link to each CD separately, just to JMJ's page where you can see the list, and to a few cool ones.
They've added several studio albums: "Rendez-Vous", "Revolutions", and "Oxygène 7-13".
There's also two different Best Of CDs: "Essential Jean-Michel Jarre" and "Images: The best Of Jean Michel Jarre"
And there are two of his live albums: "Jarre Live" and "Jean Michel Jarre En Concert: Houston-Lyon".
"Zoolook" has also been added, but it's listed under "Jean Michel Jarre Tribute Band", eventhough it's JMJ himself.
And the references to remixes are completely spurious. As far as I can tell, this is the normal "Zoolook" album.
I'm pretty pleased they added "Oxygène 7-13". It's the retro follow-up to "Oxygène" that he released in 1997.
eMusic messed up and attached the cover art for the original "Oxygène" instead.
They also added "Odyssey Through O2", the techno remix album for "Oxygène 7-13". I personally dig it a lot.

That's a not bad little update.
There's still stuff missing, like "Les Concerts En Chine", "Chronologie", "Métamorphoses" (I need that one), "AERO",
"Destination Docklands: The London Concerts" (I need that one too!), "Live From Gdansk" (that one also!),
"Téo & Téa" (and that one), and "En Attendant Cousteau" (which sounds A LOT like Brian Eno's "Thursday Afternoon").
Some of these should turn up soon, especially the ones on the Dreyfus label.
"Téo & Téa" probably won't, as it was released by Warner France.

In another Jarre news, I went looking for the "Oxygène: Live In Your Living Room" CD/DVD release and found it gone.
It was a limited edition. Argh!!! What's so special about it, you ask? Let me quote Amazon.com:
"Special two disc (CD + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) pressing of the 2007 digitally remastered 30th Anniversary edition
of this influential Electronic album features a bonus 3D DVD that contains a live performance filmed in HD
and Stereoscopic 3D, behind the scenes footage, 5.1 surround sound mix of the album and more."
So, yes, Jean Michel Jarre in your living room, pretty much! :D
(I wonder what that would look and sound like on Auntie [livejournal.com profile] selenesue's giant LCD TV and surround system...)
I was pretty sadfaced about the whole thing, until I checked eBay and found a store in Mexico selling it.
For $19.99 with $2.99 shipping to the US.
And apparently brand new factory-sealed.
I took a chance and bought it.
I'll let y'all know if I get it, and how cool it is.

Mar. 13th, 2009 06:48 pm


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Well, looks like I won't be seeing "Watchmen" this weekend. I'm gonna be beeee-zay! (No, not Bizet!)
On Saturday, I've got my LUGOLA meeting at 11am and then I'm going straight to work at 1pm.
What's cool is that the LUGOLA meeting place is awesomely located 5 minutes away from work!
On Sunday, I'm going in to work as well.
So yea for overtime!

More eMusic stuff:
I'm not sure I've mentioned this already, so I'll mention it anyway.
eMusic now carries tunes from Dreyfus Jazz, which is Jean-Michel Jarre's label.
His first three albums are available: "Oxygène", "Equinoxe", and "Les Chants Magnétiques".
("Chants Magnétiques" is a pun. "Chants" means "songs/chants", "champs" means "fields". They're pronounced the same.)
Also available is the 1995 live album "Hong Kong".
There's also a double-CD of Jean-Michel Jarre music played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
It's called "The Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre" and is on the Silva Screen label.
I'm not too crazy about it.
Trufax: Jean Michel Jarre was the first Western artist allowed to play a concert in China.
Trufax: Jean Michel Jarre rocks entire cities and has audience numbers in the millions.
Trufax: Jean Michel Jarre plays the theremin.
Trufax: Jean Michel Jarre is the son of Maurice Jarre, soundtrack composer of "Lawrence Of Arabia" and countless more.
Trufax: "Equinoxe" is the first album I ever bought with my own money. This was in 1978 and I was a wee lil' Kzinten.
My dad and I went half-and-half on the cassette version. I still have that cassette, along with "Oxygène".
Take a listen at Jean Michel's stuff, it's pretty nifty!

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Well, things are always changin' down here at the Kzinti Freehold, so here's an update.

The memorial service will be still be in Malibu at the same location, but it will now be on Saturday March 29th.
It will start at 2pm and end at 6pm. I figure people will trickle in and mingle until 4pm, then the eulogizing will start.
The exact location is listed in the next post, which is friends-locked.
I'm not expecting Anonymous to crash the party or anything but these days, you never know. :)

There's also a minor change with the memorial 3-CD set.
It's now a 4-CD set. :O
I have uncovered a rock'n'roll anthology mix that Pascal did about 4 months ago.
It's a good snapshot of the stuff he liked, so I'm including it in the set.
So the set now consists of:
1) (working name "Roots") - music that was important and influential to Pascal, compiled by myself
2) "My Planet Rocks" - recent house and trance tracks that he enjoyed, compiled and mixed by myself
3) "Closer To The Sun" - his last "global groove" style DJ mix session.
4) "Last Rodeo In Grandville" - his unreleased mix of rock'n'roll, both new and old.

I just finished compiling and burning a test copy of "Roots", and it sounds pretty good.
The quad-cases came in Friday, and I'm expecting the printable blank CD-Rs and extra ink cartridges tomorrow.
The CD art for "Last Rodeo" and "Closer" is done. I still have to come up with CD art for the other two CDs,
and also design the front and back case covers, and the one-page insert for inside the case.
But the biggest thing I still need to do is mix "My Planet Rocks"! And I'm rusty on my mixing skills!

Today, I went to the funeral home to sign the paperwork and start the process. There was a buttload of paperwork!
Thanks to donations from you wonderful people here and on Furcom, and from Pascal's friends, I can take care of this.
The PPC Tribe asked that some of the ashes be turned over to them to be placed in the Burning Man pyre this year.
They are the group of Burners that Pascal travelled with and DJed for all 3 times he went to BM (in '03, '04 and '06).
Pascal loved Burning Man so much, so I think this is a beautiful gesture.

So, don't worry about me too much.
I'm keeping busy and I have the support of people.
And the weather out here is so gorgeous that you can't stay glum long. :)

I hope everyone's doing good.
Here's a little French music for you! :D
A video clip from the "The 12 Dreams Of The Sun" 12/31/1999 megaconcert in Cairo, Egypt, in front of the pyramids.
Jean Michel Jarre and crew perform a track from "Oxygene 7-13" and Jarre plays the theremin!

Hugs and kisses!



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