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(Addendums to the previous post: 1) Before In-N-Out, Coyote 7, Roy and I rendez-voused at the local
Best Buy so I could find Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of "Smallville" and grab them while they were still on sale.
Coyote 7, on the other hand, got himself computer speakers with a subwoofer. Bass! How low can you go?
C7 was victorious, and I was 2/3rds victorious: Season 6 was sold out. So I got a raincheck. Wooh!
2) When Roy and I got back to the Kzinti Freehold, we watched "Hitman" (Unrated) and largely enjoyed it.
It seemed pretty close to the source material [the games], and the actor who played Agent 47 seemed
very familiar, but I didn't know why. So I looked him up on IMDB. Of course! Timothy Olyphant! He played
Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO western drama "Deadwood". I failed to recognize him without hair or hat.
3) The giant painting of Pascal will be travelling to Burning Man this year. It will be on display
and will gather more messages and signatures. It will not be burned. It should come back to me.
Some of Pascal's ashes will also travel to Burning Man and will be placed in the main pyre.)

Sunday April 6th
I call Spino at 11:30am and leave voicemail. Roy calls him back at noon, also leaves voicemail.
We're getting hungry and figure El Spinoleone will flake again.
Roy, having seen a couple of Shakey's in the neighborhood, wants to go there for the lunch buffet.
They don't have Shakey's in Phoenix, and he's jonesing for some of that delicious Shakey's pizza.
And so am I! I check online to make sure they do the buffet on weekends, then we head out.
We go to the one on Sepulveda Blvd, the same one I sometimes frequented when I worked at Sony Connect.
It's been remodeled to within an inch of its life and looks downright respectable!
Heck, the first slice of pizza I got had small sliced tomatoes and basil on it! Basil! Holy crap!
It was also pretty darn crowded and lively. Roy and I got ourselves some food and chowed down.
The pizza was as tasty as ever. Roy sampled some of the chicken and it didn't look too good.
It didn't so hot either. But no big deal, we were both really here for the pizza.
Shakey's makes nice thin-crust pizza with a delightfully crunchy crust, just the way I like it.
I was ravenous and consumed 25 slices of varying sizes.
Roy looked slightly bewildered at this gastronomical performance.
"You eat like a Kzin," he did not say. :)

Afterwards, we stopped by the local Best Buy so I could use my raincheck and get "Smallville" Season 6.
I checked my cellphone and saw a call from Spino. I had heard nothing because Shakey's was so noisy.
Well, it was too late anyway. Roy only had 20 minutes left before he had to head off to the airport.
We went back to the Kzinti Freehold for a bit, and Roy decided to leave early for the airport.
We said our goodbyes and he drove off.
I walked through the front door, went to my room, sat in the chair and checked my e-mail.
Then I sat there,thinking...
And it hit me.
A deep sense of loss.
I was lost.
Pascal was gone.
I had no job.
My benefits had run out.
What now?
Roy mentioned needing a roommate.
He's got a 2bed/2bath.
Phoenix rent is hella cheap.
If I can find a good job in Phoenix, maybe I'll take him up on his offer.
Get out of L.A. for a while. Do something different.
And besides, they have Trader Joe's and In-N-Out in Phoenix. :)
In the meantime, I was depressed.
So I applied myself to a constructive task to chase away the blues.
I started cleaning and sorting Pascal's massive CD collection.
It worked pretty well.
I have to be careful, though.
Can't let the dark thoughts eat me.

So, got a lot of stuff to do, things to research, sorting and cleaning to do.
I'm gonna be busy for a while.
Besides, the French thing is still ongoing and may reach its conclusion soon.
Things are about to get interesting... :)

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When we last left our Hero, he had gone to bed on Friday night.
It's now Saturday.
This post is gonna need a cut tag because it's got pictures in it.
And it's loooooooooong.
Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Memorial report with photos )

So anyway, things had wound down and everyone had gone. I had hugged Selenesue goodbye and thanked
her for the help and the tasty ratatouille. Roy and I tried to get Gizmo and Coyote 7 to stick around
and go grab dinner somewhere. Gizmo had to go home, but Coyote was interested. So I racked my brains
trying to think of some place cool in West Hollywood or Hollywood.
And all I could come up with was In-N-Out on Sunset, near Hollywood High School. Blargh.
But the kids were okay with it.
So we rendez-voused (thank you Wil Wheaton!) at said In-N-Out and managed to score a booth.
I called Spino on a whim and he actually answered his phone! Shit! Goddamn! Get off your ass and jam!
We made plans to have lunch with him on Sunday before Roy flew back to Phoenix.
Then the food was ready, so we ate and we gabbed for a good long while. Later, we walked out and
gabbed some more. Eventually, we had to go home. It must have been midnight by then. Geeze.
Coyote 7 went home, and Roy and I went back to the Kzinti Freehold.

To be concluded...

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Well, it's done.
The memorial took place on Saturday and I think it went pretty well overall.
I started writing up a post but it got too big, so I'm breaking it up into multiple posts.
This is Part 1.

I had tried to get stuff done on Thursday Night because I knew I probably would not have time
on Friday, what with [livejournal.com profile] roycalbeck flying in, and with Marie from New York already in L.A.
Oh yes, Roy came over for the memorial and stayed at the Kzinti Freehold for a couple of days.
It's been ages since I've seen him, so I was glad he came and hung out. We had many laughs!
And Marie is a dear dear friend of Pascal who flew in just for the memorial. She visited Pascal in the
hospital while she was in town for business in late February. The Sibling told me to take good care of
her because she was very dear to him and a "good soul". If you've seen the helicopter photo on the
Memorial 4-CD Set front cover, Pascal is riding on the motorcycle while Marie is in the helicopter,
in the passenger seat, holding the cable connected to Pascal's headphones.
So anyway, on Friday I purchased some foamcore boards, some spray mount (graphic design school
flashback!) and set about putting together a couple of photo tributes to display at the memorial.
You can see the result in the next post.
But for now, here's Friday's recap.

Friday April 4th
Roy called me up at noon to let me know he had landed at LAX and was headed my way in a rental car.
I gave some shortcuts to avoid the miasma of the 405, using La Tijerrrrrrrra and La Cienega and the 10.
So he got here in okay time and knocked on my door. I showed him around the place and asked him if he
had had lunch yet. He said no, so I waved a coupon for BOGO Kingburger at Fatburger under his nose,
and his eyes lit up! So yeah, we went to Fatburger and ordered a decadent lunch: 2 Fatburgers, 2 orders
of onion rings, 1 order of fries, and 2 drinks. Only Mitch Beiro can eat 2 Kingburgers by himself.
Those things are too big! It was a really tasty lunch.
Next, we clambered back into the rental (a new looking Chrysler Sebring 4-door) and went to Bloom Café.
I had some paperwork to fax in and Jean-Louis lets me use his infernal device.
Marie called me up and wanted to get together for dinner. I made sure Roy was okay with it, and Marie
was okay with me having a friend along, and I told her I'd call her back in the evening.
After Bloom, we headed towards Downtown, realized there was nothing there, so we slowly curved back
toward the Kzinti Freehold and went there. We showed each other stuff on the Internet and caught up.
I showed him "Half Life: Full Life Consequences", which he's already seen.
We find a sequel which isn't as funny but has its moments.
Then he tells me about "IMPS: The Relentless - Chapter 1", which I promptly download.
Okay, not so promptly. It takes a while, as Chapter 1 is a 261meg AVI file!
But it's worth it, wow! If only for the hot spaceship on spaceship action. :D
It was 8pm by then, so I called Marie. She had been sleeping most of the day, having had a rough week
in the Concrete Jungle. We picked her up at her hotel and went to Mel's Drive-In on Highland.
The food was good, the service okay, but the place was pretty noisy. I had a Cobb Salad and we argued
as to whether the Cobb Salad is originally supposed to have chicken in it, or turkey.
I just checked Wikipedia and I was wrong. It's chicken originally, not turkey.
You win this round, Roy and Marie! (:shake-fists!)
As we got up to leave, the opening of my back pant pocket caught on the lower corner of the seat,
making it lift up as well. I sensed it almost instantly and tried sitting back down, but the chair
had already moved out of position, so I fell on my ass!
The table behind us was full, except for the one seat behind me, so no one was harmed, not even me.
Only my pride was bruised. I hate those stupid pants with the too-big pockets...
Anyway, Marie was tired so we dropped her back at her hotel.
We wanted some dessert, so we swung by Swingers on Beverly Blvd, but it looked really crowded, so we
tried the Santa Monica Swingers instead. It was crowded too, but not as much, and the crowd was fun.
I got a Smurf Shake (Burst Of Blue, which is blueberry and banana), and Roy had the Elvis special:
peanut butter and banana shake. I tried some and I gotta admit, it's pretty darn tasty.
Then we went home and crashed.

Continued next post...

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Wow, putting together these Memorial CD-sets is hard work!
That's why I'm not posting much on LJ! I'm assembling these things!
There's the burning, the printing, the drying, the cutting, the folding, the assembling.
Then there's keeping track of names and addresses and e-mails and how many CD-sets.
And the obtaining of mailing envelopes and the packaging and the actual mailing.
Stupid post office raised all its prices last year. 1st class stops at 13 ounces now!
And my local post office never seems to restock its shelves with padded envelopes and stuff,
so I actually wound up buying supplies from the other post office, the one I have my P.O. Box at.

And that reminds me, the following people should keep an eye on their mailboxes:
[livejournal.com profile] m_tiger - [livejournal.com profile] kibbles - [livejournal.com profile] theresamather - [livejournal.com profile] palabrajot - [livejournal.com profile] moonscream - [livejournal.com profile] dronon

For those who were waiting to donate until the Memorial CD-Sets were done and ready to ship, wait no more!
They're already ready already and going out the door!
Here's a photo of a completed CD-set:

The open case with front and back covers (printed on pro photo paper, see my previous post for cover designs),
the card with track listing and bio of DJ Pascal on the back, and the 4 CDs.
The music on these CDs is from DJ Pascal and I's extensive vinyl and CD collection.
No MP3s here! The music is on there in its full glorious uncompressed, urrrrrrr, glory!
Also, the artwork is printed directly onto the CDs. No messy paper labels that can cause jams in car players.
Here are the first two CDs:

"Roots" is a compilation of various tunes from the '70s and '80s that had an impact on DJ Pascal.
The 18 tracks run the gamut from "Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart to "Rebel Without A Pause" by Public Enemy.
There's also "The Dreaming" by Kate Bush, which introduced us both to the didgeridoo.
And "Planet Claire" by the B-52's, "Fight Like A Brave" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Ashes To Ashes"
by David Bowie, and more obscure fare like Von Magnet's "Genius Never Dies" (Flamenco Industrial!).
There are also a couple of songs in French: the epic "Night Bird" by Bernard Lavilliers, and the musical
tribute to French pulp fiction hero Bob Morane by Indochine: "L'Aventurier". And so much more!!

"My Planet Rocks" contains two tracks.
The first track is a 74-minute mix of recent House and Trance tracks that DJ Pascal enjoyed.
There are some really excellent tracks in there, including "Flashing For Money" which combines Deep Dish's
"Flashdance" with Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing". Other House scorchers include "Funky Planet" by
Powers That Be VS Roland Clarke, "Take Me Higher" by Brown Sugar, a new remix of the seminal club hit
"Plastic Dreams" by JayDee, a nice retro bopper called "Ain't Got That Swing" by Greenskeepers, and more!
Then it goes into Trance with a BT remix of "Break On Through" by The Doors, "After Love" by Blank And Jones,
"Maid Of Orleans" by Watergate (which is inspired by a really old Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark song!!),
"Freedom From The Fresh" by Graham Wood, and it ends with Infected Mushroom's superb "Becoming Insane".
The second track on the CD is "Presidents Dub" by DJ Pascal And The 13th Tribe.
As mentioned in a previous post, this is the track that wound up in the Luc Besson film "Angel-A".
The version on the CD is not the film version, it's an earlier edit from 2003 that runs 3 minutes long.
I wish I had the film version on hand. I need to get it from the production company.

Here are the other two CDs:

"Closer To The Sun" is a global chill-out mix put together by DJ Pascal last year.
It's the last such mix that he ever did. There are others before that and I'm sorting through them to see
which ones I will offer up for sale again. His mixing skill was truely flawless and more people need to
experience it. It's hard to describe the music and the mix, you need to really experience it.
His mixes make the "Buddha Bar" compilations look like the cheap rip-offs of Pascal's style they really are!

"Last Rodeo In Grandville" is a more personal mix.
(Yes, those are the two Ghost Riders from the recent "Ghost Rider" movie. Pascal and I both love it. Not a word!)
("Grandville" is Pascal's fictitious city, the opposite of "Smallville", a TV show we used to watch religiously.)
Pascal selected a bunch of his favorite rock'n'roll tunes, both old and new, and put them all in this mix.
You'll find David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Brother, Def Leppard, The Doors, Midnight Oil, The Cult, Texture,
Nirvana, T-Rex, The Beatles, and artists I don't even recognize. And it all flows in its own peculiar way.
That was DJ Pascal's real talent: taking different tunes and making them work together somehow.

So voila, that's the Memorial 4-CD Set.
A donation of $50 or more will make one of these beauties magically appear in your mailbox.
For $50, you get one. For $100, you get two. And so on and so forth.
The CD-sets are shipped in big padded envelopes via USPS 1st class if it's one, or USPS Priority if it's two.
For details, e-mail me at zrath at toast dot net.
Or log in to LJ and read the next post, which is friends-locked.

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It's done!
All the design work on the Memorial 4-CD set for DJ Pascal is done!
All the labels, the inserts, the artwork, the text, the music, it's all done!
So now I start burning and printing and cutting and assembling.
As I type this, the CD case inserts are printing up.
They're double-sided inserts and I managed to get the printing to line up just right on both sides.
I mixed the "My Planet Rocks" dance CD on Sunday Night, and it went kinda meh.
A good portion of Monday was spent on cleaning up and tweaking the mix so it sucks less. :)
I was mixing live and I wound up with 90 minutes of music, which I trimmed down to about 75.
There are two tracks on the CD: the dance mix and the track that wound up in the movie "Angel-A".
It's called "Presidents Dub" and it's credited to DJ Pascal And The 13th Tribe.
It's not the film version, it's an earlier edit from 2003 that runs 3 minutes long.
That track is not on the "Angel-A" soundtrack because of a sample clearing issue, which is really too bad.

The front and back covers of the CD case are printed on photo paper and look awesome!
Here's the front image:

All these photos are Pascal. And in the central image, he's the one riding the motorcycle.
He's wearing headphones connected to the helicopter flying above him. Totally insane.
And here's the back image:

That's him at Burning Man 2004.
The images printed on the actual CDs are pretty cool too, but they're difficult to display here.
You'll have to wait until you get your Memorial set to see 'em. :)
So I'm gonna start assembling them today and start mailing them in a couple of days.

There's a weird little thing I just noticed...
I've been saying since the beginning that you get the CD set if you donate "$50 or more" to the fund.
That's one of the things the televangelist says in one of my all-time favorite Techno tracks:
"House Of God" by DHS. And here's the video so you know what I'm talking about:

"I AM EXcited!! About the House Of God!"

And for you numerologists out there, here's a bizarre and macabre little bit of information.
The YouTube info says that this video of "House Of God" was recorded off of MTV's old AMP TV show.
And the video that it segues into is "378" by Emergency Broadcast Network.
03/07/08 is the date of Pascal's passing.
I've been using the EBN track title as a mnemonic to remember the date.
378 is also the amount of liters in a gallon (3.78L).

Oh geeze...
This stuff will drive you crazy if you think about it too long.

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There's a Chipotle in Westwood.

Let me rephrase that, with feelings.


I was walking around Westwood today, looking for a place to have lunch. I happened to take Broxton and there it was,
not 100 yards from the EB Games/GameStop at the corner of Kinross, Westwood, and Broxton (it's a weird intersection).
It's been open about two weeks apparently, and it seems to be doing brisk business.
You cannot possibly understand how happy this makes me. Okay, maybe you can understand. :)
No more riding two buses to go to the ones in Beverly Hills or Marina Del Rey!
Just one bus and 15 minutes separate me from delicious guacamole and mind-blowing burritos!
And there's the Westwood In-N-Out Burgers about 2-3 blocks away.
Oh yeaaaaaaaah...

A friend pointed out this page talking about giant road trains, including a concept for linkable megadumptrucks
sure to make Gerry Anderson smile. I may have to build something like that out of Legos!

The artwork for all 4 CDs of the memorial compilation is done. It just needs some minor tweaking.
I've also designed the front case insert. I have a couple of ideas for the back, though it has to be simple image-wise
because there's a lot of text on it. So I'm thinking one large headshot of Pascal, maybe faded so the text is legible.
This weekend, I'm gonna mostly stay home, and buckle down and mix "My Planet Rocks", the house/trance CD.
I went to Trader Joe's today and stocked up on food, and I was at Ralph's yesterday, stocking up on beverages. I now have
5 different kind of diet sodas on hand: Coke Zero, Cherry Zero, Vanilla Zero, Lime Diet Coke, and Splenda Diet Coke.
In addition to plenty of water, of course, and some Simply Orange "Chunky Style" orange juice. :D
I've got enough sodeepop to last me at least 3 weeks! It's rigoddamndiculous, as John Wayne used to say.
So yeah, I've got what I need and I don't need to go out.
By the time Sunday Night rolls around, I want to have at least a dozen finished Memorial CD sets on my desk.

Happy Easter Weekend! (Where applicable)
Like we say in France, Joyeuses Paques!

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First of all, a big THANK YOU to all the people who have sent in donations!
Enough was raised to proceed with DJ Pascal's cremation and handle other details.

The big change I have to report is the date of the memorial (I hesitate to call it a "memorial _service_"
because it will be more like a wake, with music, food, and stories of the departed).
The memorial will be held on Saturday April 5th. This date is set in stone and will not change.

There was some needless drama with the original Malibu location, so the memorial will not be held there.
We're investigating alternative locations, and if all else fails, the memorial will be held at a house in
Hollywood with a good-sized backyard. More details as I get them.

I got the printable CD-Rs and did some printing tests with the "Last Rodeo" CD, and it looks fantastic!
I still need to design all the labels for the case, and CD art for the last two CDs.

More later...

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Well, things are always changin' down here at the Kzinti Freehold, so here's an update.

The memorial service will be still be in Malibu at the same location, but it will now be on Saturday March 29th.
It will start at 2pm and end at 6pm. I figure people will trickle in and mingle until 4pm, then the eulogizing will start.
The exact location is listed in the next post, which is friends-locked.
I'm not expecting Anonymous to crash the party or anything but these days, you never know. :)

There's also a minor change with the memorial 3-CD set.
It's now a 4-CD set. :O
I have uncovered a rock'n'roll anthology mix that Pascal did about 4 months ago.
It's a good snapshot of the stuff he liked, so I'm including it in the set.
So the set now consists of:
1) (working name "Roots") - music that was important and influential to Pascal, compiled by myself
2) "My Planet Rocks" - recent house and trance tracks that he enjoyed, compiled and mixed by myself
3) "Closer To The Sun" - his last "global groove" style DJ mix session.
4) "Last Rodeo In Grandville" - his unreleased mix of rock'n'roll, both new and old.

I just finished compiling and burning a test copy of "Roots", and it sounds pretty good.
The quad-cases came in Friday, and I'm expecting the printable blank CD-Rs and extra ink cartridges tomorrow.
The CD art for "Last Rodeo" and "Closer" is done. I still have to come up with CD art for the other two CDs,
and also design the front and back case covers, and the one-page insert for inside the case.
But the biggest thing I still need to do is mix "My Planet Rocks"! And I'm rusty on my mixing skills!

Today, I went to the funeral home to sign the paperwork and start the process. There was a buttload of paperwork!
Thanks to donations from you wonderful people here and on Furcom, and from Pascal's friends, I can take care of this.
The PPC Tribe asked that some of the ashes be turned over to them to be placed in the Burning Man pyre this year.
They are the group of Burners that Pascal travelled with and DJed for all 3 times he went to BM (in '03, '04 and '06).
Pascal loved Burning Man so much, so I think this is a beautiful gesture.

So, don't worry about me too much.
I'm keeping busy and I have the support of people.
And the weather out here is so gorgeous that you can't stay glum long. :)

I hope everyone's doing good.
Here's a little French music for you! :D
A video clip from the "The 12 Dreams Of The Sun" 12/31/1999 megaconcert in Cairo, Egypt, in front of the pyramids.
Jean Michel Jarre and crew perform a track from "Oxygene 7-13" and Jarre plays the theremin!

Hugs and kisses!

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Okay, I'm back.
I had a nice, relaxing weekend, though I did do some memorial planning over it.
On Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] doodlesthegreat came by to pick me up and take me to the furry party at the Prancing Skiltaire.
He figured it would be good for me to be around people, and he was right.
I saw some people I hadn't seen for several months, including Gary, the insane Heavy Metal Unicorn. :)
Someone had brought a couple of bizarre German DVDs of parody films in the vain of "Epic Movie". They were pretty horrible,
but with really good sets, costumes and CGI. The available audio tracks and subtitles were German, German, and German.
And I saw a certain badger lose his temper and nearly rearrange an undersocialized dweeb's face!
Good times! :D

On Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] gizmoelf was in the area so he came by. We went to the Marina Del Rey Chipotle for tasty food and
to shoot the shit, as the amusing expression goes. Later, we went to Trader Joe's and I stocked up for the week.

During the weekend, I also started listening to music and writing down tracks to use for a compilation CD.
I was planning to make a CD of music that Pascal had enjoyed and had influenced him in his first 3 decades.
After a Sunday night phone call from the leader of the PPC Tribe, the group Pascal travelled to Burning Man with, I found
myself working on a 3-CD set instead: the original "roots" compilation I was planning, a second CD of dance tracks that
Pascal had enjoyed recently, mixed by me, and a third CD featuring the Sibling's most recent mix session.
So that's what I'm working on right now, on top of planning the memorial service and handling funeral arrangements.
Speaking of which...

The date of the memorial service has been moved to Friday March 28th.
There's a problem with doing it on the weekend, which sucks as I want people to be able to attend.
I will try to get Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th instead. But for now, it's looking like Friday.
The original date was Saturday 22nd, and that's actually Easter Weekend, so I figured it might not be good.
Also, some people need a 2-weeks' notice to be able to attend.
More news as it develops.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm accepting donations to help with the funeral arrangements.
Anyone donating $50 or more will get the 3-CD set I'm currently assembling.
Shipping is on me so don't worry about it.
For details on how to donate, please e-mail me at zrath at toast dot net
That is also my PayPal address, for you tech-savvy types. :)
Some people have already donated so they'll get the CD set once it's finished.
I want to do something special! The CD artwork will be printed directly on the CD. No nasty paper CD labels! Stupid
paper labels cause the CDs to get stuck in car stereos anyway. I just did a test run tonight and it looks pretty nice.
And I'll be using those CD cases that hold 4 CDs instead of using 3 separate slimline cases. Cuts down on clutter!
Oh yeah, I'm engineering this thing within an inch of its maximum tolerance. :)
Now, I just hope I can remember how to mix! :D

Today, I called the company about the QA job I interviewed for almost two weeks ago.
They're still getting their shit together. Oy gevalt!
It's not "no", but it's not "yes" either.
Hopefully, I will have an answer by the end of the week.
And simians may take to the air from my gluteus maximus. :D
Happy thoughts, everyone!!!

Mar. 8th, 2008 01:47 am


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I was wearing this today, and I will probably wear it for a few more days.
This is Pascal's Burning Man necklace.
It won't go over my huge Kzinti head, so I wear it as a bracelet instead.

I've spent most of the day on the phone, talking to just about everybody.
Tonight, I went to Bloom to have dinner with Jean-Louis and talk about the memorial service.
Nico called during the conversation and participated in the planning.
So we're looking at Saturday March 22nd at 11am in Malibu, near the ocean.
There is a friend who has a large protected area overlooking the ocean, near the Moonshadows restaurant.
And another friend owns a boat. Jean-Louis and Nico will supply the sound system.
This will be an ocean-facing service with music and sunshine.
At the close of the service, the boat will head out and spread the ashes at sea.
There are many details to work out, such as the size of the boat this friend owns and who will go on it.
We've got two weeks to figure it out.
More details will be forthcoming.



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