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Warning: a Combine Outpost has been sighted in Culver City.
No other Combine presence has been detected.
Remain vigilant and report all Combine activity to your cell leader.

Combine Outpost

In other news, I've got some kind of crud and odds are good I'm going to take
my first sick day ever from work tomorrow.
Blargh and double blargh.

Mar. 4th, 2009 12:17 am

Heck Week

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Not quite as bad as Hell Week, but still pretty darn trying!
It took me a whole weekend to recover!

Of AFOLs, defective trucks and Mondays )

I'm sure I'm forgetting various things, but that's the way it is.
If I remember, I'll post about it.
I do have a bunch of photos waiting to be turned into Random posts though.
So watch for amusing and/or fail pics!

Ciao bambinos!
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This past weekend was spent mostly in the throes of sickness. I've got a cold/flu/bronchitis and it's a corker!
I did manage to refuel the F(n)ord (St)Ranger and do food-shopping. And Best Buy had "Smallville" DVD sets on sale,
so I snagged Season 7, the only one I was missing. I've been rewatching "Smallville" and I'm finishing up Season 4.
The rest of the time, I watched DVDs and played with my Legos. Well, I put some of the Legos up on eBay too.
I watched "The Invaders" Season 2 Disc 2 and "The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr." Disc 3, it's fun!
And I spent time on FurryMuck socializing, and watching that moron Brian O'Connell make a spectacle of himself.
That boy just rants and rants and doesn't even care if anybody's listening. And Fanged God help you if you ever
try to prove him wrong! He will just rant and rant and go on irrelevant tangents until you agree or leave.
What a sad sad little man...

While poking around teh intraweb for Lego information (research!), I followed a link from Brickset.com to the
Flickr gallery of some guy who was at the recent Toy Fair and took lots of pictures at the Lego booth.
The photos confirmed things us Lego fans already knew about 2009 Star Wars sets and also showed actual sets behind
the names. The Mon Calamari Cruiser set turned out to not be the actual ship, but a playset with a bridge portion
with Admiral "It's a trap!" Akbar and a hangar section with a green A-Wing.
Also, the Separatist Shuttle was revealed to be quite small. Darn, I was so hoping for a cool set.
However, there was one brand new item shown, one that blew my mind!
This new item is now listed on the Lego Shop website and will be released March 30th.
Here's a photo of the actual box, to get a better sense of the sheer awesomeness of this set.
It's a Republic LAAT/c Dropship, a skycrane transport version of the Republic Gunship. It's used for deploying
various armored vehicles to the front. This set actually includes one of those armored units, an AT-OT
(All Terrain Open Transport), which is an open-top clone troop carrier seen in "Episode 3".
This set also answers the question of why the AT-TE Walker that was released last year has a centrally-mounted
upward-pointing retracting beam that makes an okay carrying handle. It's the docking point for the Dropship.
OMG, so cool!!!!

Anyway, it's Monday, and I'm back at work. Well, I rolled in at noon because I was feeling like absolute crap
when I woke up this morning. It took a couple of extra hours to get myself together. I'm feeling better but my
voice is still a complete write-off. Throat hurts when I swallow too. I've been taking acetaminophin and NyQuil.
I hope I feel better tomorrow.


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