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007 4EVR - "Do you expect me to talk?"
LRD V8R - "No Mister Bond, I expect you to join the Dark Side."

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Lego Star Wars 10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer set

It's for real! The image comes from Lego.com!

"We are currently experiencing technical difficulties: the Kzin has passed out.
Normal service will resume once he awakens."

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Seen at the local Carl's Jr. drive-thru one rainy evening:


The license plate frame says "JOIN THE DARK SIDE" above and "ASK ME HOW!" below.
And if you ask me, the Dark Side is still nowhere near as evil as Herbalife.

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So I went to a LUGOLA meeting today.
Over the past two days, I built a quicky spaceship just to have something to show.
The gang seemed to like it.
I'll take photos of it tomorrow and stick them on Flickr.
It's a submariny-squiddy spaceship in yellow and white and grey.
When one of the LUGOLAians first saw it, he said "we can all live in it!". :D
The main reason for going to the meeting was to buy a Lego set from one of my fellow members.
It's a set I've wanted since it was released in 2002. It's my favorite Star Wars ship.
It's been released in other sizes, but this is the BIG one.
I am now the proud owner of a new still-sealed Universal Collectors Series version of the Imperial Star Destroyer.
I'm so happy!!!
I have no idea when I will build it, it's a bit of a challenge.
It's over 3 feet long and it contains over 3000 parts.

In other news, Gabrielle Union is smoking hot.
She was on Monday's Craig Ferguson, which I've just watched, and she was smoking hot, witty, and adorable.

And now, I sleep.
And hopefully dream of Gabrielle Union. :D

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Hey kids!
I've just uploaded photos of my two most recent Lego creations to Flickr!
And boy am I ready for bed! :)
Photo-set for the TIE Lander, which was built for the Legoland Star Wars LUG display.
Photo-set for Roton Subree and The Unseen Dagger, which is my entry for the FBTB.net bounty hunter contest.
Roton Subree is the bounty hunter and The Unseen Dagger is his ship.
Share and enjoy! :D

I'll probably work on the Legoland photos this weekend and post them on Flickr.
I'm thinking of doing two separate sets: one for the park photos, and one for the Star Wars LUG display.
Legoland has a nifty Las Vegas section in its Miniland area!

Time for go to bed!

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OMG WANT!!! (new UCS Imperial Shuttle set!)

It's minifig-scale! It looks just like the original shooting model!
It's coming out in September!
Where the hell are my Euros?!?!?

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So I was checking my e-mail and reading the StarWars.com Homing Beacon newsletter.
Disney is shutting down all the Star Tours rides and redesigning them into Pod Racer attractions instead.
Huh, I wonder what that's gonna be like...
Anyway, I get to the bottom of the e-mail and the usual ads for stuff on sale at the StarWars.com shop.
There's some funny and clever stuff available in that shop, like the Tauntaun sleeping bag.
And then, there's this:

Now, what's hilarious about this t-shirt is that it is a parody StarWarsification of this:

That three-wolves-and-the-Moon t-shirt became an Internet meme when people started posting outrageous reviews
on Amazon.com, and sending wacky customer pictures of the product in action.
You can see those reviews and photos HERE.
If you're interested in the three-Ewoks-and-the-Death-Star-II t-shirt, you can find out more HERE.
Yub-yub!! :D

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Shipping January 1st 2010.
Just in time for NOT Christmas! :D

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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] martes:

I've seen this a dozen times already and IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER! :D

This appeals to my machine side:

Old-School Electro (breakdance music) meets infommercial. "Hit it like this!"

It's Fleet Week in San Francisco, Imperial style! :D

And I have saved the best for last.
This was shown only at conventions. I taped it with my camcorder at San Diego ComiCon in 1995.
It was finally made available for all to see last year.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Babylon 5: Requiem"...

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So San Diego ComiCon is on and Lego is there, because Lego's commitment to comics is well-known. (snicker)
Yeah, the event should really be renamed "San Diego MediaCon International, like for realz.
Anyhoo, Lego has some nifty stuff on display and the folks at From Bricks To Bothans were nice enough
to snap plenty of pictures of the exciting things and put them on their Flickr account for all to see.
Herewith, a bunch of links:

First up, Lego displayed a new Tantive IV (aka Rebel Blockade Runner) playset that looks fabulous.
I like how Lego has cut transparent windows into the conical parts that form the cockpit.
I can already think of other uses for that piece, like the cockpit of a hypersonic airliner.
Because of the speed at which such an aicraft would fly, there can't be any front-facing windows.
The Tantive IV is slated for a September release and will cost $150.

A while back, it was announced that Lego and Disney had signed a deal to release sets based on some of
the Big D's properties. One of said properties was rumored to be "Toy Story", and turns out it's true.
And here are the "Toy Story" photos.
What's interesting about these is that Woody and Jessie have longer legs than normal Lego minifigures.
Up until now, Lego had never changed the length of the articulated legs of the minifigures.
They created shorter legs for minifigs of Yoda, the Ewoks and Young Anakin, but those legs don't move.
And they made taller minifigures by giving them longer bodies that fit over the regular minifig torso.
See the Chewbacca and Hagrid for examples of this.
But yeah, this is a brave new world. Longer minifig legs? Inconceivable! :D
Personally, I think it's cool. It keeps the characters' height more authentic.
"Toy Story" Lego sets are slated for next year.

The other example of Lego Disney on display was "Prince Of Persia".
Disney is making a movie version of "Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time", so there's your toy movie tie-in.
This gives Lego an excuse to make lots of minifigs with interesting clothing patterns and turbans galore!
I'm already salivating at the mix and match prospects for making Egyptian and/or Indiana Jones minifigs.
Also, Lego camel and Lego ostrich! :D
This is also slated for a 2010 release.

You know, if Pixar ever releases their "Princess Of Mars" movie, we can look forward to some nifty sets! :D

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A coworker brought in some of that new Pepsi Natural cola today and gave me a bottle to try.
The drink is packaged in a 12oz glass bottle with transparent sticker labels covered with off-white text.
At first glance, it looks like a small bottle of iced tea, with its dark brown liquid and lack of flashy label.
Pepsi Natural is made with: sparkling water, sugar, natural apple extract (color), caramel color, citric acid,
caffeine, acacia gum, tartaric acid, lactic acid, natural flavor, and kola nut extract.
Notice the complete absence of the two big bugaboos: High Fructose Corn Syrup (blargh!) and Phosphoric Acid (burn!).
Yes, but how does it taste?
Well, I am a Coca-Cola fan, and I sometimes drink Wild Cherry Pepsi and Pepsi.
Pepsi Natural has a strong caramel taste that competes with the kola nut flavor.
I personally do not like it much. Your mileage may vary.
Pepsi Natural is currently available at Target stores and costs $4.50 for a pack of 4 12oz bottles.

While digging online, I found some info about "Pepsi Throwback" (and "Mountain Dew Throwback"), with normal sugar.
These will be available starting April 20th and for a duration of 8 weeks. They will be packaged in normal plastic
20oz bottles and 12oz aluminium cans. I will definitely give Pepsi Throwback a try.

Meanwhile, in Lego matters, Shop.Lego.com dropped the price of the Factory 10192 Space Skulls set down to $19.98!!
It was on sale for $35 (down from $70) when I got mine 2 months ago, so this is an even better deal.
I'm not even annoyed about that because 1) there was no way I could have known and, 2) it could have sold out.
So yeah, just an FYI for the Lego people on my list.

In other Lego news, some wonderfully insane person built a 2 meters long Home One Mon Calamari cruiser
as seen in "Revenge Return Of The Jedi", aka "Episode VI".
It's amazing! It's stupendous! It's unbelieva-------ble!! It's got built-in lights!
Here are the specs:
- Piece Count: 30,500
- Length: 260 Studs or 208cm or 6’10” (82 inches)
- Width: 48cm (Max)
- Height: 28cm (Max)
- Weight: 52 lbs (Approximate)
- Design and Build Time: 11 months
- Material Cost: $5500 US.
Major OUCH on that last one!
The builder of this masterpiece is unemployed. Quick, someone get him an engineering job!!

In health news, I have pretty much confirmed that if I eat a dinner consisting of Trader Joe's pasta with marinara
sauce and Quattro Formaggi shredded cheeses, then take Aleve before bed, the Aleve turns into a sleeping pill,
I sleep through my alarms, and arrive late for work. This is has happened twice so far, including today.
This sucks, for many reasons, including the fact that I'm down to just one dose of Aleve a day: the 1am one.
And TJ pasta dinner is one of my staple cheap meals.
Chemistry is fun!
I'll think of something...

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And now for something completely more fun!

#2 videogame publisher in the world Electronic Arts is giving away the original "Red Alert" PC game
in the world-famous "Command & Conquer" series to celebrate the future release of "Red Alert 3".
(EA lost its title of #1 videogame publisher in the world to Activision/Blizzard/Vivendi this year)
If you go here, you can download "Red Alert" for free (Allied and Soviet discs in RAR formats with ISO).
You can also view the "Red Alert 3" trailer and play "Spot The Actor" and/or "Spot The Bimbo".
I came up bupkis in the latter because I ignore bimbos.
I got a score of 5 in the former (Tim Curry, Jonathan Pryce, Peter Stormare, J.K. Simmons, George Takei).
Yeah, some companies still believe in FMV cut-scenes. Ain't that quaint? :)

Meanwhile, someone on Brickshelf posted sneak preview photos of the 2009 Lego Star Wars sets.
The set numbers all start with "8", which is a little odd as "8XXX" sets are usually Technic sets.
Also, a couple of these sets might be considered mild *SPOILERS* for the "Clone Wars" TV series. Maybe.
Anyway, view at your own risk! Muahahahahahaha! :D

8014 - Clone Walker Battle Pack (a good and cheap way to build up one's army)

8015 - Assassin Droids Battle Pack (IG88 didn't come out of thin air, you know!)

8016 - Hyena Droid Bomber (pretty neat! And dig the space-hardened Battle Droids!)

8017 - Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (a new "accuratized" version, much closer to the original design.)
(Also, notice the "10-year Anniversary" medallion on the box. Lego Star Wars began in 1999.)

8018 - Separatist AAT (a revamped version of Trade Federation hovertank, different color too.)

8019 - Republic Attack Shuttle (like a mini Imperial Shuttle with guns and missiles.)

So, lots of smaller sets to build up armies and have big battles. Toy soldier fun ahoy! :D

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Seized from [livejournal.com profile] divalea because it's FUNNY!

Actual content to appear later...

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So yes, another post about the love of my life: Legos.
And my favorite set of 2008, eventhough it's not out yet, the Republic Gunship.
Some actual photos of the new Star Wars "Clone Wars" Lego sets popped up on Brickshelf yesterday.
They were taken at the London Toy Fair and the resolution is pretty decent.
Here we see the new Republic Gunship in all its glory.
The Gunship's nose art turns out to be a Salacious Crumb-type critter dropping a missile with both hands.
(Salacious Crumb is Jabba's laughing little beaky monkey pet in "Return Of The Jedi")
The Gunship also has kill markings. The Gunship's a different model from the ones seen in "Episode II".
It doesn't have the side guns, and instead is full of compartments with opening access panels, and what looks like
some kind of drop-pod. I think this is a Special Operations commando variant of the Republic Gunship.
Here's a photo of the minifigures to be included with the set:
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress (with custom lightsaber hilts), Commander Cody (with custom guns), clone trooper.
If you want to see the other pictures in the set, with the AT-TE, Magnaguard Fighter and V-19 Torrent, just go here.

I also stumbled across what could possibly be the absolute largest Lego construction I have ever seen.
I am not kidding, this thing is HUGE!! Like 93 FEET HUGE!! It's 93 FEET LONG!! 29 METERS!!
It's a minifigure-scaled model of the proposed Gibraltar Bridge and it looks like this.
The whole bridge is 93 feet (29 meters) long, the towers are 13 feet (4 meters) high, and it's made up of 200,000 parts.
There's no glue or ropes or metal bars or anything like that. It's all 100% Lego parts and sound engineering.
The builders of this ginormous Lego bridge were inspired by an episode of "Engineering The Impossible" on The Discovery
Channel which featured the Gibraltar Bridge Project. If the real thing was to be built, it would be the highest and
longest bridge in the world, with gigantic towers 3,334 feet (1 km) high, and a total length of 8.7 miles (14 kms).
The mind, she boggles...
Additional photos of the Lego Gibraltar Giant can be found in the following two folders:
1) this folder shows preliminary work and research, and the bridge under construction.
2) this folder shows the bridge on diplay at the LEGOWORLD event in Zwolle (Netherlands).
Those wacky Dutch AFOLs...
(Adult Fans Of Lego)

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So, yes, I did go to Star Wars Celebration IV on Saturday.
I'm putting together a gallery of the photos I took there, and I will post about it here.
In the meantime, have a look at THIS!!
It's a teaser trailer for "The Clone Wars", the upcoming CGI Star Wars TV show.
It's nifty!!

More later...

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(Come on, I'm sure some of you have played "Missile Command"! :D )

Wil Wheaton is a nerd and a funny guy.
I've been reading his blog (yeah, I know, "Welcome to the party, pal! A little late ain'tcha!"), it's amusing and charming.
I want to meet him and shake his hand.
Maybe that's why I'm suddenly considering going to PAX '07, the Penny Arcade Expo up in Seattle in late August.
Wil is a keynote speaker there. They bribed him with a Wii. :)
And the expo is all about videogames and videogame stuff!
This would all be dependent upon how the Sibling royalties thing shakes out next month, of course.
I have oodles of paid-time-off saved up, I just need oodles of buck$ to make this happen.
With E3 dead and buried (turned into a tiny by-invitation-only event pretty much means dead and buried to us all), PAX might
be a good susbtitute, and the list of sponsors certainly seems to bear this out: lots of game companies normally at E3.

And speaking of gaming, there's one con I'm sure I won't make: Ziggurat Con
The first gaming con ever held in a war zone! Yes, military games take on a whole new form when you play in Iraq!
By the way, if any of youse got unloved roleplaying stuff laying around the house, send it all to the Ziggurat Con!
Several companies are already donating games, books, and comics, but every bit helps.
An interesting way to support our troops, for sure.

Next weekend (using my definition of "next" which is not this one but the one after) is Star Wars Celebration IV, the gigantic
SW con from hell, actually happening in Los Angeles! At the Convention Center even! Where E3 used to take place.
I'm planning to attend on Saturday (that would be the 26th) to see just what hive of scum and villainy awaits the unwary.
And I'm hoping to see [livejournal.com profile] amarafox! I ain't seen her in ages!!
This should be interesting...

Tomorrow Saturday is the anniversary meeting of the C/FO. Mitch Beiro will be in town and will come by the Kzinti Freehold.
The C/FO will celebrate 30 years of existence. That's three with a zero. Damn, that's a long time for an animation club!
I jumped onboard around 1984-1985 myself, I recall going to meetings on my kick-ass Honda Elite 250 scooter (the big one).
Back then, there were multiple chapters of the C/FO and I was member of the Santa Monica branch. The meetings were held
once a month at "A Change Of Hobbit" bookstore on Lincoln Blvd. Jean "Moebius" Giraud's son was a regular attendee.
I still have all the handouts and synopsiseseses from ALL the meetings! I don't know, they might come in handy some day.
So anyway, that's what I'm doing tomorrow: C/FO with BBQ and an anniversary cake, and hanging with Mitch.

I'll probably have the place to myself on Sunday because Pascal will be in the studio, working on his track.

And finally, I just wanted to mention, for those who have asked,
that absolutely nothing whatsoever happened today in sector 83x9x12.
I repeat: nothing happened. Please remain calm.

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Alrighty then, time to go home. I'm outta here until Monday.
I don't have Internet access at the new apartment yet, so I can't check e-mail or Web-browse or anything.
Broadband cable access has been ordered and the guy is scheduled to come by Monday Evening to hook me up.
My laptop has WiFi but all the networks in my area are password-protected, so no leeching for me! :(
I have much work to do in straightening out the apartment so it's not that big a deal.

I leave you with this link.
It's a Brickshelf gallery folder containing many photos of some of the Fall 2007 Star Wars Lego sets:
the updated Trade Federation MTT, the Naboo Fighter with Trade Federation Droid Fighter, and the Jedi Starfighter
(Episode III version) with Hyperdrive Booster-Ring. Oh, and some close-ups of the Kit Fisto minifigure.
(Yes, I'm looking at you [livejournal.com profile] amarafox!!! :D )

The MTT is especially fantabulous and I definitely want one! I missed out on the original release.
This new one is feature-packed, even more than last year's Slave I upgrade!
My name is Zrath The Lego Psychopath and I endorse this set!

Well, time to go.
Enjoyez vous!!

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Lego and Lucasfilms signed a deal in 1999.

Slave I: The Lego Sessions )

I hope to get the new Y-Wing next.



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