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Yes, yes, it's been a loooooooooooong time since I've done some Netflixing.
It's been too hot in the bedroom to sit there and type for hours on end on a Netflix post.
And all sorts of wacky crap has been happening. Some of it is still happening!
But the weather has nicely (and finally!) cooled down, so I can sit there and type my life away!
I'm gonna be keeping the "reviews" short, as there's a lot of stuff to cover.
Also, I'll have to do multiple posts.

Streamflixing (Movies streamed through Netflix)

Sphere (1998)
That movie slipped under my radar and word of mouth seemed to indicate it wasn't very good.
I thought it was good. Not great, mind you, but good and interesting. It's got little bits of other sci-fi
movies in it, like "Forbidden Planet", "Event Horizon", and has some booga-booga "Alien" moments.
A group of specialists are flown to the middle of the ocean and sent down to an underwater habitat to
investigate what appears to be a spaceship that seems to have been at the bottom for over 300 years.
The specialists are a psychologist (Dustin Hoffman), a marine biologist (Sharon Stone), a mathematician
(Samuel L. Jackson), and an astrophysicist (Liev Schreiber). Rounding out the cast are the Navy guy
in charge (Peter Coyote), the Navy technician (Queen Latifah), and Huey Lewis in a bit part. :)
We here at the Kzinti Freehold are fond of Mr. Schreiber. He's one reason we saw the "Wolverine" film.
The movie is based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name published the year before.
Unusually, the movie lacks the "machines inexplicably fail at the critical time" signature Crichton move.
Maybe it happens in the novel. Apparently, a lot of things are different in the novel.
If we were to find this DVD on sale somewhere for $5, we'd probably pick it up.

The China Syndrome (1979)
This movie was a big deal when it first came out. And not just because it opened a few days before the
Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The film is not much too look at, lacking glamorous locations and
lavish sets, but that's not the point. It's all about the human drama and the ratcheting suspense.
A junior TV reporter (Jane Fonda) and her freelance cameraman (Michael Douglas) are on-site at a newly
activated nuclear power plant when they witness a SCRAM (emergency shutdown) event from a soundproof
observation room. The cameraman films it all on the sly, but he and the reporter don't know what happened,
since they couldn't hear anything. Back at the TV station, her boss refuses to run the story, fearing
criminal prosecution and other things. Meanwhile, the supervisor at the plant (Jack Lemmon) suspects that
something's not kosher with the reactor because he felt some unusual vibrations during the SCRAM.
The two parties investigate independently, until the supervisor contacts the reporter after he finds that
something is indeed wrong at the plant. By that time, hitmen are trying to get to him, and he winds up
going to the plant to avoid them. Upon finding the plant running at full power, he grabs a gun from a
guard, kicks everybody out of the control room and takes it over.
Not much I can say about this film, the performances are top-notch and it's drop-dead serious.
It doesn't have a music soundtrack, just whatever's playing on the radios or jukeboxes.
That's unusual.

Tango & Cash (1989)
Another one of those movies I completely and utterly missed.
I don't even remember what I was doing in 1989! Not going to theaters, apparently.
Boy, I don't know where to start with this one. It's so cheezy and Lethal Weapony, except goofier.
Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell do seem to work well together though. There's also Teri Hatcher and
one hell of a B-movie cast: heavy breathing tough guy Jack Palance, "Blade Runner" veteran Brion James,
James "I've been playing an old man for 50 years" Hong (also a "Blade Runner" vet), everybody's favorite
living troll-doll Michael J. Pollard, and the chin-a-riffic Robert Z'Dar (go home Jay Leno!).
The plot? Who cares! It's an '80s action movie! Okay fine, Tango & Cash are the best two cops in L.A.
and they get, like, totally framed, fer shure! And everybody believes it because they're so stupid!
Vroom-vroom, bang-bang, stuff blows up, there's a neat armored SUV with lethal gadgets.
This a beer-and-pizza-with-your-buddies kind of movie.
French lesson: Brion James' character in the film is named "Requin". That's the French word for "shark".
"Requin" is also the name chosen by French translators for Jaws, the Bond villain played by Richard Kiel.

Friendflixing (DVDs borrowed from friends)

Firefly: The Complete Series
Missed it the first time, only saw a few episodes then, was not in the mood for a space western.
Since then, I've watched the entirety of "Deadwood" and several newjack westerns, and also watched
the entirety of "The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr." (that was fun!), so I was ready to tackle this.
And you know, it's pretty good. The Chinese outbursts are a little annoying, but I guess that's one way
to get around those pesky broadcasting censors. After all, even Picard got away with "merde"! :D
It was a good TV show, with some witty dialogue and interesting characters.
It's a shame Fox killed it. Fox has killed a bunch of good stuff. And Fox ruins movies now! Jerks...

I actually Netflixed this when it first came out, but after watching the entirety of "Firefly",
I figured I would watch it again now that I had a firmer grounding in that universe.
And I had apparently forgotten almost everything about the film because I wound up enjoying it all over
again, but on a deeper level. I was horrified anew at the revelation of the Reavers' origin. And I spotted
some of the nods to other works of sci-fi, especially the ship labelled "C57D". That one drove me nuts,
as the appellation looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. I had to look it up after the movie.
C-57D is the model number of the Earth saucership in "Forbidden Planet". Old school yo! :D
So yeah, I'm sure most of the people reading this have already seen it.
Yeah, it is good stuff, it's not just you. :D

Netflixing (DVDs obtained from Netflix)

The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
Ah yes, another one of those classic movies I had never seen. This one has a pretty good reputation.
And I can see why: Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer in a movie directed by John Huston.
Based on a short story by Rudyard Kipling, it is a fine tale of high adventure, hubris, and friendship.
Sean Connery and Michael Caine play veteran British soldiers who have stayed in 1880's India after their
tour was up, unwilling to return to England to work unrewarding menial jobs. These worthies hatch a scheme
to invade a savage land called Kafiristan and set themselves up as kings and rob the country blind.
They draw up a contract stating their intent and have Christopher Plummer (as Rudyard Kipling) witness it.
They then go off and succeed beyond their wildest dreams! Sean Connery becomes a god! But can he stay one?
An excellent film, really, quite quite good. Definitely a must-see.
The DVD was a flippie, which is not unusual, but both sides were labelled as "Widescreen".
Movie flippies usually have the fullscreen version (FAIL!) on one side and widescreen (WIN!) on the other.
This one didn't. Oh boy, it didn't, not at all. It was all widescreen.
Also, it had the first half of the movie on Side 1, and the rest on Side 2.
And the same Bonus Features on both sides (mostly text stuff, with one making of featurette).
Whoever mastered this sucker must have thought he was making a laserdisc! :D
Because Fanged God knows nobody makes double-sided DVD players.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Yes, I have this on laserdisc, but not this version. No, my player is still not working right.
I was jonesing for some Star Trek MoPic action, so I rented this and I'm glad I did! You know why?
Because this is the Director's Cut made in 2000 with extra FXs by Foundation "Babylon 5" Imaging.
I had never seen it! The film was recut by Robert Wise and some new shots were completed, and it really
improves the film greatly. The pacing is much better, things are better explained, and you finally get
to see what the V'Ger ship itself looks like once out of the energy cloud.
This is the DVD I've wanted to buy for a while now, and it's apparently sold out and gone. Paramount has
released an "Original Cast" box-set that includes Star Treks 1 through 6, and what little information
I have so far seems to indicate that they're all theatrical versions. ARGH!!! Time to hit eBay!

Crank: High Voltage (2009)
Jason Statham plays Chev Chelios, the toughest man alive, in this sequel to the unhinged actioner "Crank".
The film picks up minutes after the end of the original, and that high altitude drop from the helicopter
apparently didn't kill ol' Chev, though he's definitely looked better. Some Asian gangstas grab him and
take him to a private hospital. They nurse him back to health, only to remove his heart and stick in a
battery-powered replacement. Chev escapes the makeshift hospital and soon discovers that he needs to
electrify himself regularly to recharge the artificial ticker's battery. Highjinks ensue!
As much as I like the original "Crank", I have to say that I am disappointed by this sequel.
I mean, yes, there's more of everything that made the original such a "Tex Avery on crack" insanity ride,
but there's also more unpleasant things. There's more gratuitious gore for one thing, and we here at the
Kzinti Freehold do not approve of such things. There's also some really utterly tasteless stuff going on.
And lots of innocents getting mowed down. We don't approve of that either. I felt dirty after watching this.
I have "Crank" on DVD, and I really don't think "Crank: High Voltage" will join it any time soon.
Apparently, this is David Carradine's last movie. He plays the 100 year-old Chinese pimp daddy who wants
the indestructable Chev Chelios heart for himself. (Guess a green-eyed girl won't work for him! :D )

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman" Season 1 (1993)
I know what I was watching in 1993 instead of this! I was watching "Seapest DDT" "Seaquest DSV",
aka "Star Trek Underwater". Both shows were on at the same time on competing networks.
Also, I was only interested in Batman, superhero-wise, via the excellent "Batman: The Animated Series".
Plus, this was more of a romantic comedy with occasional bouts of Superman.
So yeah, I utterly and completely missed this.
I have now plowed my way through the entire first season and found it goofy, or in French, "nunuche"!
It had its moments though, like Tony Jay (the voice of Megabyte in "Reboot" and Shere Khan in "Talespin"),
and David Warner as Jor-El! That's pretty cool! And James Earl Jones, if only in one episode. Cool too!
But Tracy Scroggins (aka Capt. Lochley from B5 Season 5) as a cougar? And Richard Belzer as a cop?
Yes, I know the Belz went on to be on CSI or whatever. And Jimmy Olsen looking like Scott Baio?
Anyway, Dean Caine is a pretty good Clark Kent and Superman, I admit. And Teri Hatcher is fun.
And I really like Lane Smith as a Perry White who's a Southerner and an Elvis fan. Elvis is everywhere! :D
I'm now starting Season 2 and I see that tracy Scroggins is gone and Jimmy's been replaced.
I haven't seen who the new Lex Luthor is yet, I've only watched Disc 1.
I heard the show improves after Season 1 so I'm sticking with it for now. We shall see.

Okay, that's it for now!
More later...

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Animated Films Meme
(borrowed, revised and modified a bit from [livejournal.com profile] crocodile)

X what you saw
O what you haven't finished/saw sizable portions
Red font for what you disliked/hated
Orange font for what you liked
Green font for what you loved
- Underline if own
- Leave unchanged if neutral

It's sizeable! )

Geeze, these memes are becoming more and more like work!
I ain't doing another one like this for a while!

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I haven't done a weekend report in a while. Mostly because I haven't done anything interesting of late.
This past weekend was a bit different though.
As mentioned in an earlier post, I attended "Marching Thru History" in Chino, CA, on Saturday.
(Photos of the event are up on my Flickr account.)
My old friend Fritz Bronner tipped me off to this event's existence, as he was planning to attend with his horses
and friends. Fritz runs a non-profit organization called the Warhorse Foundation.
Check his website for more info as well as videos and photos.

Weekend report turned longish, so it's LJ-Snipped )

Sunday was the titular "day of rest". I slept in, then did some grocery restocking at Trader Joe's.
I did some stuff on the computer and watched some Season 1 "Smallville" episodes on DVD.
And I actually saw 2 episodes I had somehow missed! One had to do with bees attacking candidates for the school
president election at Smalville High. It also featured a running gag involving people quoting "The Godfather".
The other one dealt with a doodling kid who lost the use of his hands but gained kick-ass telekinesis.
Just your basic "Freak Of The Week" stuff. :D
Also, I recognized a much-younger Aaron Douglas (aka Chief Tyrol from "Battlecar Angstactica") in one episode.
He was playing a Smallville deputy in an episode where Chloe is kidnapped and Lana can see it in visions.
I wonder who else I might recognize when I start watching Season 2 this week.

And that was the weekend that was. The weather was sunny and crisp, with strong winds. It was delightful.

In other news, that Droid Gunship Lego set I was looking for? Never gonna show up at Toys'R'Us.
I just learned it's a Wal-Mart exclusive, and I hate Wal-Mart.
Guess I'll have to order it from LegoShop.com at some point in the future.

And speaking of Legos, we had a LUGOLA meeting scheduled for that Saturday, and nobody showed up!
Members either had things to do, or were too knackered from the Brickwest convention the weekend previous.
I figured nobody would show up, so I went to "Marching Thru History" instead.
There are plans to have a meeting this Saturday and odds are good I will make it.

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Post 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Still trying to keep it short and sweet, but man it's hard!
With this post, I am effectively completely caught up on Netflixing! Le yea!
However, there's some Homeflixing to talk about (Homeflixing involves DVDs we actually own).
That will have to wait.
In the meantime, open the door, sit in the seat, turn the key and go!!!

Hollywoodland 2006 - Did the Man Of Steel pull the trigger? Or was he helped?
I like Ben Affleck. I think he is a good actor and he simply needs to get better parts. Thankfully, this IS a better part.
George Reeves, Superman, the Man Of Steel, one of Hollywood's great mysteries. Did he or didn't he? We don't know.
The film also stars Adrian Brody as private dick Louis Simo, hired by Reeves' mom to investigate her son's death. Diane Lane
plays Toni Mannix, wife of Eddie Mannix (Bob Hoskins), with whom George Reeves is intimately involved (Toni, not Eddie :)
The film uses flashbacks to show key parts of Reeves' life, all seamlessly blended with the detective's investigation.
You're presented with three possible versions of what could have happened and left to make up your own mind.
I enjoyed this one. It's well done, very interesting. I've always been fascinated by Superman and those who've played him.

Tideland (2006) - "New one from Terry Gilliam puts Kzin to sleep! News at 11!"
So, you know, I've seen a lot of Terry Gilliam films. I love some of them and I like the rest, but this one?
This one's a toughie. I just didn't care for it at all. It was creepy, it was messed up, and yet somehow boring.
I turned it off halfway through. And if you know me, that's a pretty strong statement. I tend to watch things to the end.

Without A Paddle (2004) - Why does Matthew Lillard look so much like the guy who plays Tom Paris on "ST: Voyager"?
Yes, this is the pseudo-Deliverance comedy flick with Seth "Lil' Buddy" Green, Tom Paris and that other guy.
One of my brother's buddies recommended it to him, so we rented it. It was actually pretty funny, though it's not
"Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" funny. Three childhood friends reunite after the death of their friend and decide
to go on the camping trip planned by the deceased. Their goal is noble: find D.B. Cooper's treasure, somewhere in Oregon.
Or is it Washington? Can't tell, it's all GREEN!! (:plays the banjo)

Flushed Away (2006) - "I find everyone's pain amusing, except my own. I'm French!"
Oh noez! It's an all-star cast!! Hugh Jackman! Kate Winslet! Ian McKellen! Jean Reno! Bill Nighy! Andy Serkis!
That's it boys, we blew the budget on the celebrity voices, we can't afford anything else! Have the screenplay done by
that mailroom clerk, and we'll get some bewildered tribesmen in New Guinea to do the animation. What? There's money left?
Huzzah! Let's make the movie in England! With computers! Because water sucks in stop-motion.
I watched this last night, and it was funny as hell. There are some really clever gags and some dastardly puns.
Also, lots of visual references. When Roddy the rat is picking an outfit, he vacillates between a Bond tuxedo and a yellow
and blue Wolverine outfit (Roddy is of course voiced bu Hugh Jackman). Roddy's human owner has a stuffed lion modeled on
the one from "Madagascar" and several plush rabbits that look like the ones from "W&G: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit".
During the freezer sequence, one of the victims is a Han Solo rat. A cockroach reads "La Métamorphose" by Franz Kafka.
This is definitely freeze-frame heaven. There is a lot of nutcracking in this movie though, must be an English thing.
Also one gratuitous French Surrender joke (must have been put in for the American audience).
Hmmm, I just realized yet another reason why "Top Secret" (with Val Kilmer) rocks: no cheap-shot French Surrender jokes.
Eventhough French Resistance guys are a major part of the plot, there ain't a single French Surrender joke in the whole film.
Anyway, clever (mostly), funny (very), well-done, English, must be an Aardman film!
Another winner from the House Of Wallace & Gromit.

Color Me Kubrick (2005) - Who knew Stanley Kubrick was this faaaaaabulous?!?
Based on the true story of Alan Conway, two-bit gay con-man who impersonated Stanley Kubrick in the late '90s.
Thi was made by people who actually worked with Kubrick: Brian Cook (director) - assistant director on "The Shining", "Barry
Lyndon" and "Eyes Wide Shut". Anthony Frewin (screenplay) - Stanley Kubrick's assistant from "2001: A Space Odyssey" onwards.
At times, it feels like a Kubrick film. Also, it uses music from Kubrick films. It's more Kubrick than Kubrick! :D
John Malkovich plays the title role and does a bang-up job, as they say. Amusing little film for mature audience.
Produced by Europa Corp and ubiquitous French dude Luc Besson.

Ned Kelly (2003) - Like "Deadwood" with different accents and cursing
The classic story of a man done wrong who only seeks justice in the face of injustice and a crooked system. Heath Ledger,
Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush star, which means that most of my female readers have probably already seen this film. :)
Yes, the sibling and I do like our westerns and that includes Australian ones. Though the Australian westerns seem bleaker
because of those damned English lording over everything. Goddamned Pommie bastards...

The Guardian (2006)
"Your wife left you. Your best friend is dead. You sound like a country song. If you had a dog, he'd be run over by now."
And the country song would be about Ben Randall (Kevin Kostner), veteran rescue swimmer in the US Coast Guard.
His wife has left him. His best friend died in front of him when a wave slapped their Seahawk out of the sky during a rescue
in stormy seas. His superior send him to the academy to teach and work through his tough time. Enter the young turk swim
champ (Ashton Kutcher, and he can act!) who's gonna knock over all the records. But he has a dark past! Oh noez!!
Yeah, it's a little cliche and stuff, but it's interesting to see the Coast Guard rescue squads in action.
The film is certainly more interesting than "Ladder 49", which was, among other things, dull.
And hey, Clancy Brown is in it! Not a life-changing film by any means, but of interest to sea movie fans.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (1980) - What if they made three movies and only released two?
In a world where Richard Donner was helming both "Superman" and "Superman II", the schedule started to slip, so a big push
was made to finish "Superman" and release it. By the time the movie came out, Donner and the Salkinds (who financed and
produced the films) were no longer talking. The Salkinds brought in funny-guy Richard Lester to reshoot part of "II", and
what came out in the theaters (and on home video) was an amalgam of Donner and Lester footage, edited to Lester's (and the
Salkinds') taste. Meanwhile, Donner's "Superman II" sat around in the vault.
Now, that film has been rebuilt and edited to Donner's taste and is now out on DVD for millions of Superman fans to enjoy.
The start and end points of the film are the same as "Lesterman II", but the road between the two takes many different turns.
For example, the Fortress Of Solitude scenes feature Jor-El only. His wife is nowhere to be found.
I don't want to say anything else as it would fall into the realm of spoilers. Just rent it and discover it for yourself.
I think, overall, I prefer "Donnerman II". I prefer the pacing and mood as compared to "Lesterman II".

Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq (2006) - aka "Vidocq" (2001), aka "La Cité De WTF?!?"
So my good friend [livejournal.com profile] trailer_spot once told me that a "rather dodgy" "Vidocq" film was released in France a while back.
I filed that datum for later use and went about my business. Last week, I happened to be at Best Buy, browsing the DVDs,
and I came across a strange title with a mirrormasked hooded figure on the cover. It looked a bit like one of the humanoid
robots from "The Black Hole", the ones that ran the Cygnus. I looked at the title and locked onto one word: "Vidocq".
Sure enough, this was a domestic release of the French film Trailer Spot had warned me about, saddled with a ridiculous
nonsensical name ("Dark Portals"? What portals?!!? Are you on crack, Lionsgate?). As soon as I got home, I looked it up on
Netflix and placed it in my queue. Vidocq is a popular and real character from after The French Revolution. I used to watch
a TV show of his exploits on French TV in the '70s. Vidocq was played quite effectively by Claude Brasseur.
Eugène-François Vidocq was a petty thief in his youth who spent a couple of years in the Revolutionary Army, then deserted
and pursued a life of crime. He was caught and sent to "le bagne" (think penitentiary, except 10 times worth). One week
after his arrival, he escaped! He was arrested a year later and sentenced to another bagne. He escaped that one the next
year, gaining himself some major respect from the criminal element. And yet, he turned his talents to fighting crime.
He was first an informant for the Paris Police, then in 1811 was put in charge of the new "Brigade De Sureté", an outfit
specialized in undercover work and staffed with ex-cons. Some decried his methods as unsound but he got the job done.
"La Sureté" continues to this day as "la Police Nationale", which I guess would be equivalent to the US Marshalls.
Vidocq was fired and rehired twice during his 17 years at the Sureté. He eventually resigned and opened a paper mill.
Which means he also published books. That business failed, so he opened the first private investigation firm in France.
This is where the movie comes in: Vidocq as private investigator, portrayed by Gérard Depardieu.
The film opens with Vidocq in hot pursuit of a mysterious hooded figure with a reflective mask through a massive gunpowder
and cannon factory. He corners the figure and they do battle, but the figure fights rather well and seems to possess
strange abilities, like disappearing inside its cape and hood. Or calling forth flocks of birds. Seriously weird stuff!
Vidocq falls to his death, his partner at the firm starts drinking heavily and a young writer claiming to be Vidocq's
biographer shows up and seems determined to find out who the mysterious figure is.
Any way you look at it, it's a weird film. Some of the themes don't reflect the kind of things that Vidocq usually had to
deal with. The movie uses a lot of extreme close-ups and overhead shots, which my brother feels are tricks to save money
on sets and locations by not showing them. Some of the colors are bizarre and the film does at time ressemble a comicbook.
We watched it in French and it was a bit hard to follow. I have no idea how good the English dubbing is.
This is what happens when Frenchies take drugs and watch "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" one time too many. :)

Viva Maria! (1965) and Bandidas (2006) - What a difference 41 years make! Or does it?
In this corner, "Viva Maria!", an amusing French western (yes!) shot in Mexico and set in 1907, starring two French
bombshells: Brigitte Bardot (aka B.B.) and Jeanne Moreau. Both women are named "Maria" but they couldn't be more different!
Maria-Bardot is a tomboy, daughter of an Irish terrorist, always blowing shit up with Daddy. After he dies, she goes on the
run and meets up with Maria-Moreau, a cabaret performer in a stereotypical traveling circus. The troupe gets mixed-up in the
local revolution and hilarity ensues! Also stars a youthful and dashing George Hamilton. The film's sense of humor definitely
includes a healthy dose of slapstick, and you sometimes feel like you're watching a live-action "Lucky Luke" comicbook.
("Lucky Luke" being a Far West-flavored, very popular classic of the French graphic novel world)
And really, it's hilarious to watch a hot French blonde berating and shaming an entire Mexican village, in French!!
So, 41 years later, Luc Besson's production company (Europa Corp) resurrects the concept with two Latino bombshells!
Okay, one Latino bombshell (Salma Hayek) and one Spanish bombshell (Penélope Cruz). Dueling accents ahoy!!
The story is a little different: Maria (Cruz) is a poor farmer's daughter whose father is killed by land-grabbing American
railroad thugs, Sara (Hayek) is a privileged daughter of a local noble who deals with the same land-grabbing American
railroad thugs and meets an untimely death. Circumstances bring them together and they start robbing banks to steal all the
Americans' money. It's a fun action flick with a good solid supporting cast: Dwight Yoakam as creepy bad guy, Steve Zahn as
clumsy but sharp early CSI cop, Sam Shepard as kick-ass veteran gunfighter, and one of the most amazingly-trained horse you
will ever see, definitely a passing homage to Lucky Luke's trusty and talented mount: Jolly Jumper.
Aie caramba! Las Bandidas son muy caliente!!
Looking at the two movies, "Viva Maria!" seems more mature, yet possesses a more innocent and child-like sense of humor.
Whereas "Bandidas" seems more immature and more entertaining. The intended audiences were quite different.
It's an interesting contrast. Neither film is "better", they're just different.

"And I'm spent..."


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