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Another blow has been dealt to HFCS sodas!
7-Up has just released 7-UP Retro, made with real sugar.
I saw the 12-packs and the glass bottles at Target last night.
Sadly, I didn't get any as my hands were full.
For pictures of the cans and a list of places to get 7-UP retro, click HERE.
For pictures and info on the glass bottles, click HERE.
For L.A. residents, 7-UP Retro can be found at Ralphs, Target and Albertsons (ptooie!!).
Oh yeah, and Walmart (double ptooie!!). And a few other places.

In other news, those hard-working Hartnoll boys (aka Orbital) have a new official website.
If you're not familiar with their musical style, you haven't been reading this LJ. :D
The website has a large amount of Orbitunes for your streaming pleasure, so give 'em a listen!

"There is the theory of the Moebius: a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop,
and from which there is no escape."

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There is good news for lovers of non-HFCS colas everywhere!
PEPSI THROWBACK has become a permanent part of Pepsico's product line!

Your move, monolithic conservative republican Coca-Cola Company! :D :D :D :D

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I was at Pavilions (aka Safeway) yesterday, buying some Gatorade (Target stopped carrying my favorite flavor!)
when I spotted this, mixed in with the regular Dr. Pepper. There were only two 12-packs. I bought one FOR SCIENCE!
This is the elusive 'Heritage' Dr. Pepper that contains 'real sugar' instead of high fructose corn syrup.
And it looks like there will be 5 different can designs. This is the one I got:

A taste test reveals that this is smoooother than normal Dr. Pepper.
I'm not a big Dr. P drinker, so this one 12-pack will probably last me 2 months. :D
Now if only I could find some leftover Pepsi Throwback in a forgotten corner somewhere... :(
Or better yet, if Coca-Cola would stop counting its money long enough to make a Coke Throwback! :\

Hi, my name is Zrath and I have a drinking problem...

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Snagged two 12-packs at Target tonight. Dig the retrotastic packaging! Makes it real easy to spot!
Thought I was gonna pay $4.97 + insult tax and injury CRV but they're marked down to $3 each.
I'll get more once they hit the normal stupormarkets and the price gets even better.
Also snagged a 20oz of Deeeew 'cause eventhough I'm not a fan, the Throwback version is smoooooth.

I'm so happy, I just drank two cans with my dinner. :D


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So I was at Trader Joe's on Tuesday to buy lunch stuff for work. I was looking for something in the way of a snack
and wound up snagging a bag of TJ kettle corn. I took it to work and cracked it open today. And I do mean 'cracked'!
I had to exert all my strength and the bag opened with a loud 'POP'. And no, none of it got on the floor. I'm good! :D
Anyway, this stuff is awesome! It's salty and sweet and the corn just melts in your mouth. A++++++! Will buy again!

I don't know when this happened, since no one told me, but it seems that Snapple has dumped high fructose corn syrup.
Peach Snapple was one of my favorite drinks but I gave it up because of HFCS.
I recently saw a bottle of some red tea Snapple and tried some, as I am quite fond of Rooibos red tea.
I think there was peach and pomegranate in it as well. It was good and contained crystaline fructose, I think.
So it didn't taste very sweet. A few days later, while getting another red tea Snapple, I noticed that the labels
on regular Snapple bottles had changed. New colors, new designs, and they now said "All Natural". O RLY?
So I peeked at the ingredients list of my former love, Peach Snapple, and lo and behold it said "sugar"!
OMG W00T! No more HFCS! So I've added Peach Snapple to my drinks rotation and consume a couple a week. :)

And speaking of sugar, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are supposed to become available again starting
December 28th for 8 weeks. That's all I know. 11 more days and then it's stock-up time!! :D
Pepsi's official position is that HFCS is just like sugar and metabolizes the same. Replacing HFCS with sugar in
the Throwback sodas is only to make them taste more like they did in the '70s. It's not a health issue.
Yeah, well, I wish Pepsi Throwback was a permanent thing. Actually, I wish Coke would do its own Throwback.
I hope the Coca-Cola Company is paying attention...

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So there I was (about an hour ago) at the local Ralph's supermarket (part of Kroger ComHugeCo Industries),
bent on buying some Perrier(tm), and not much else. Honest! That's all I needed! I had a coupon!
You know that thing about how no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy?
Yeah, it was a bit like that.
I walked into the Ralphs, grabbed a handbasket and made for the soft drinks aisle.
There was a tatooed and ponytailed man there, busy putting 12-packs of Pepsi Throwback (the awesome one
with real sugar in it, not High Fructose Corn Syrup) in his cart with a slightly manic look on his face.
"Oh cool," I thought, "they still have Throwback in stock".
The Manic Man looked up at me and said those 4 magic words: "THEY'RE ON SALE!"
( - Yes, "they're" counts as two words! Shaddup! :D - )
On sale? But how much of a sale? 5 for $10? WHAT?!?!
Next thing I knew, I had traded my handbasket for a shopping cart and I was grabbing the last 3 Throwbacks.
Problem was, this was a "must buy 5 to get the sale price" sale, so I needed 2 more Throwbacks.
Luckily, the stockist had just shown up, so I asked him where I could get more. I went to get more.
While waiting for him, I looked for my Perrier at discovered that it was also on sale: a buck a bottle.
Well, gee, gosh, darn, today was a good day to shop!
So I grabbed 6 bottles, which is how many I needed to take advantage of the coupon ($1.25 off on 6).
The stockist returned with a double arm-full of 12-packs (I don't know how he does it, I can only carry 5!).
I got my 2 and headed in the general direction of the cheese aisle.
"Jamais deux sans trois" goes the French proverb, roughly equivalent to "third time's the charm".
I held my breath, hoped against hope, and peered at the Tillamook display...

And there it was! After 4 months of absence, it was back in stock: Tillamook Sharp Cheddar!!!
They had kept their promise, they had said it would be back in July, and there it was! On July 1st!
It wasn't on sale, I didn't care, I had missed it sooooooooo much!!!

Hi, my name is Zrath and I have a cheese problem...
"Hi Zrath!!!"

So, I have enough Pepsi Throwbacks for about 3 months (unless I get company, HAR! Like that's gonna happen),
enough Perrier for a week, and my beloved Tillamook Sharp Cheddar is finally back.
At this particular moment, life does not suck.

Oh yeah, the 5 for $10 sale is good on everything Pepsi makes, by the way.

May the Fourth be with you! :D


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