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Warning: a Combine Outpost has been sighted in Culver City.
No other Combine presence has been detected.
Remain vigilant and report all Combine activity to your cell leader.

Combine Outpost

In other news, I've got some kind of crud and odds are good I'm going to take
my first sick day ever from work tomorrow.
Blargh and double blargh.

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Nothing much to report here.
Just working and working and working and working and strategizing the rent paying.
The job is going well, the people are nice, the building is new, and I'm definitely getting my 40 hours a week.
Well, except for next week. We get Monday off, and us contractors don't get paid for it.
It's a Canadian civic holiday of some kind, the first Monday of August, and corporate HQ is in Toronto.
They keep saying it's Mustard Day, but I found no such thing on the Intarweb.
And besides, if one country is entitled to having a Mustard Day, it's France, not Canadaland. :)
However, the overtime we've racked up more than makes up for this unpaid day off.
We get fed dinner when we stay late on weekdays, and lunch when we come in on weekends.
They're taking good care of us.

We had a cool little company BBQ on Friday.
Half the food was homemade, including some delectable red potatoes with dill.
I had a couple of burgers and a tasty hot sausage.
We had the BBQ outdoors, at a nearby park. There's also a small skatepark area, so our promo people went over
to watch the kids skate and give away some Tech Deck fingerboards, which is one of our products.
I got a fingerboard too, a Birdhouse design with the skeletal hawk on it.

It's funny how I wind up coming back to skateboarding.
Back in France in the late '70s, I skated in the Sibling's team. Well, I was more of a mascot really.
Then in 2000, I tested "Tony Hawk 2" for PlayStation and Dreamcast for Activision.
In 2002, the documentary "Dogtown & Z-Boys" came out and Pascal and I were all over it.
The Sibling had all the skateboard magazines featuring the Dogtown crew back in the day.
In 2005, a movie version of the Dogtown & Z-Boys story came out, "Lords Of Dogtown".
We were all over that too.
And now it's 2008, and I'm working on a skateboard-related videogame project once more.
Before you ask, no, I haven't taken up skateboarding again.
I'm too old, too out of shape and too heavy.
I would break a million things.
It's a game for the young.

You're never too old for Nerf warfare though! :D
And with this puppy, you will see your enemies driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

Yup, it's finally out, at the promised $39.99 price point.
Not only that but it also comes with an extra belt, 25 extra darts and a shoulder strap!
All it takes is one or two of these, plus the 3 Ultimator bazookas I already have, and the QA department
will achieve Nerf superiority over all other departments at work. I can smell victory already!
(:poses heroically)

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Since I hadn't received any e-mails by noon today regarding the job I interviewed for on Monday, I sent them an e-mail to get an update.
I got this back:

"Thanks for checking in.
I've received a slew of resumes for the position and am therefore still screening candidates.
Will let you know once I've made a decision."

The good news? It's not "no"!
The bad news? It's not "yes".
Oh boy...

I drove to Burbank to get my check from the security company.
A whole 10 hours of work! Wooooh! :P
The guy supposed to be getting me more work was not even there! Not in the office! Gone until Friday! Yeaaaaaah! :P
Fark this!

Are we having fun yet?



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