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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder if they're pineapple-flavored...

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Henceforth, all roach coaches, catering trucks, food trucks and other food-providing vehicles shall be known as:


So say we all.

(Sorry about the bluriness, I had to shoot this one on the move because of traffic)

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So I was at Trader Joe's on Tuesday to buy lunch stuff for work. I was looking for something in the way of a snack
and wound up snagging a bag of TJ kettle corn. I took it to work and cracked it open today. And I do mean 'cracked'!
I had to exert all my strength and the bag opened with a loud 'POP'. And no, none of it got on the floor. I'm good! :D
Anyway, this stuff is awesome! It's salty and sweet and the corn just melts in your mouth. A++++++! Will buy again!

I don't know when this happened, since no one told me, but it seems that Snapple has dumped high fructose corn syrup.
Peach Snapple was one of my favorite drinks but I gave it up because of HFCS.
I recently saw a bottle of some red tea Snapple and tried some, as I am quite fond of Rooibos red tea.
I think there was peach and pomegranate in it as well. It was good and contained crystaline fructose, I think.
So it didn't taste very sweet. A few days later, while getting another red tea Snapple, I noticed that the labels
on regular Snapple bottles had changed. New colors, new designs, and they now said "All Natural". O RLY?
So I peeked at the ingredients list of my former love, Peach Snapple, and lo and behold it said "sugar"!
OMG W00T! No more HFCS! So I've added Peach Snapple to my drinks rotation and consume a couple a week. :)

And speaking of sugar, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are supposed to become available again starting
December 28th for 8 weeks. That's all I know. 11 more days and then it's stock-up time!! :D
Pepsi's official position is that HFCS is just like sugar and metabolizes the same. Replacing HFCS with sugar in
the Throwback sodas is only to make them taste more like they did in the '70s. It's not a health issue.
Yeah, well, I wish Pepsi Throwback was a permanent thing. Actually, I wish Coke would do its own Throwback.
I hope the Coca-Cola Company is paying attention...

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Happy Thanksgiving y'all!
Here at the Kzinti Freehold, no Thanksgiving is complete without the viewing of that traditional Thanksgiving cartoon:
"Jerky Turkey" by Tex Avery.
This is the best version I could find and it is not embeddable, unfortunately.
Click here for Turkey Jerkiness! :D

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Bold the establishments you've been to. Underline your favorites. Strikethrough the ones you don't like.
Italicize the ones you've never heard of (I added that step). Add more chain food joints (I added that step too).

01. Arby's (Too expensive, not that great.)
02. Beefeater
03. Benihana
04. Black Angus

05. Buffalo Grill
06. Burger King (Awful burger meat, and onion rings are all the same diameter. FAKE!)
07. California Pizza Kitchen
08. Carl's Jr.
09. Chick-fil-A

10. Chipotle (Especially the Marina Del Rey location. Best guacamole EVAR!)
11. Chuck E. Cheese's
12. Claim Jumper
13. Cluck-U-Chicken
14. Del Taco
15. Denny's (You don't go to Denny's, you end up there.)
16. El Pollo Loco
17. Fatburger (Awesome big burgers and onion rings.)
18. Hard Rock Cafe
19. Hardee's
20. Harvey's
21. HomeTown Buffet (Cheap low-grade food for cheap low-grade people.)
22. Hooters
23. In-n-Out (That's what a '50s style small burger is all about!)
24. Jack in the Box (I hardly go at all. The burger meat is cardboard-y.)
25. Johnny Rockets (stupid expensive touristy Happy Days joint, stole everything from "The Apple Pan")
26. Kelsey's
27. KFC (I don't do fried chicken. I do do buttermilk biscuits. NOM!)
28. Krispy Kreme (Too much damn frosting, too much damn sugar!)
29. Long John Silver's
30. McDonald's

31. Oporto
32. Outback Steakhouse
33. Planet Hollywood
34. Quizno's (Another one I usually avoid. Pricey for what you get.)
35. Rainforest Cafe (Denny's food in a Disneyland zoo. Crappy, gimmicky bullshit.)
36. Red Lobster (Mediocre!)
37. Red Robin (Good food, endless fries, good service. Fun place!)
38. Red Rooster
39. Señor Frog's
40. Skyline Chili
41. Sonic (That place makes me feel so Southern redneck! :D )
42. Subway (An insult to bread and sandwiches everywhere!)
43. Sweet Tomatoes
44. T.G.I.Friday's (Another fun place to go. Except the one in Woodland Hills. That one sucks.)
45. Taco Bell
46. TCBY
47. The Old Spaghetti Factory
48. Tim Horton's
49. Wendy's (Just not happy with the food there.)
50. White Castle (They opened a White Castle in L.A. once. Twice, actually. It was burned down. It was rebuilt.
It was torched again. It never reopened, and no other White Castle was ever built in L.A., or California.)

I. Baja Fresh (Used to be good and cheaper than [but not as good as] Poquito Mas. Not anymore.)
II. California Chicken Café (Makes KooKooRoo look like the crap it is.)
III. Coldstone (Bite me, Baskin Robbins!)
IV. Penguins (Yes, there are some still open. Excellent soft serve frozen yogurt.)
V. Poquitos Mas (Some of the bext Baja Mexican food you will ever have. Insanely fresh!)

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Ganked from nougat-filled and chocolate-covered [livejournal.com profile] kibbles:

The George Costanza Candy Identification Quiz

Score: 100% (10 out of 10)

I'm good at recognizing the shape of things... :D

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Today's lunch destination is Carl's Jr.
I was in the mood for a big-ass burger and didn't want to drive, so I walked to the local Carls.
And holy crap, the prices have gone up! Actually, I think it's just this Carls that happens to be more expensive.
I ordered a Bacon Cheese Six-Dollar Burger with medium fries and drink and a Spicy Chicken sandwich.
At my usual Carls on Santa Monica Blvd, this would cost around $8.50 or $9.
At this Carls near work, I paid $10.25!!!
And they listed the Bacon Cheese Six-Dollar Burger as costing $5.49 by itself! It shouldn't be more than $4.75!
The Six-Dollar Burgers will eventually cost $6 for real if this keeps up.
Anyway, the food was tasty, but the steep prices make me reconsider going back.
That's a heck of a price difference.

And now, a food meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] doronjosama!
It's kinda long, so it's under a cut:

The Very Good Taste (and EuroBritCentric) Omnivore's Hundred )

o/~ I eat cannibals! It's original! o/~

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Public Service Announcement for my peeps in Unimatrix One, aka The Silicon Valley.


That's Chipotle for free!
Today only!
Check it out!

Get on it!

You're welcome! :D

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Yesterday was a bit odd.
Mostly because of one thing.
You will see what I mean.

So anyway, my desk chair broke over a month ago and I've had to use a chair from the living room.
I hate those chairs. I've always hated them. They have very little padding. They have wooden protusions at the corners.
They're canted backwards about 5 degrees, so you're not seating straight, you're sitted slightly backwards.
They're part of a dining room set my mother bought in 1990 or something. The table is fine, nice simple sturdy wood.
But the chairs are horrible. I don't know what she was thinking. We have two chairs left over from the original four.
Here, see for yourself:

It's hard to tell from this angle, but the seat is tilted 5 degrees to the right, so it's not actually flat.
I have to use pillows to seat on if I'm gonna do any extended work at the computer. Unacceptable!
So I finally decided enough was enough and set about getting a new desk chair.
I couldn't afford much, so I was aiming for a $50 price-point, a chair that would last 2-3 months until I could get another
much better chair, probably in the $200 range. Something entirely made of metal, with machinegun mounts. Tee-hee!
After browsing a few relevant websites and seeing a few candidates on Staples.com, I went to the local store.
I wound up gettin this:

It's nothing fancy, but still cost me $50. It's taller and better-padded than the $25 super-skinny tiny desk chair for kids
they also had. It's leather, unfortunately. They did not have a fabric-covered equivalent. I'm sitting on the chair as I
type this, and I'm starting to get used to it. My lower back had protested earlier, but it's okay now. My butt ain't numb.
I think this will work out just fine.

While at the store, I saw something that will be featured in an upcoming Random post. :)
But before I got to the store...

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Staples...

As I left the Kzinti Freehold to go to the office supply pusher, I stopped by the local Ralph's stupormarket for a lil'
something to drink and nibble for lunch. I found suitable stuff paid for it, and left.
As I was leaving the Ralphs, I crossed the street and passed in front of a Ford Focus that had been greatly inconvenienced
by my crossing the street in front of it. Indeed, the driver threw up his arms to indicate his displeasure at my crossing.
As the driver's side window was open a crack, I remarked as I walked by that this was a residential area and said driver
should chill out. He sputtered and searched for a riposte of some sort but failed and simply drove on.
As he entered the Ralph's parking lot, he lowered the driver's side window and shouted something incoherent at me.
Thinking nothing more of the incident, I proceeded Westbound on foot to the local Staples store to buy the chair.
About two full blocks later, I heard some weird running/slapping noises behind me, like someone running with flipflops.
I turned around and saw the man in the Focus, except on foot, screeching to a halt about 20 yards from me.
He was a medium-height white guy with a short head of blond hair. He could have been German or Scandinavian.
He looked at me and bellowed "SHUT UP!!", then turned tail and ran back the way he came.
Back to the Ralph's where he had not doubt parked his Ford Focus, THREE BLOCKS AWAY!
I stared with bemusement at the departing figure.
A man across the street also stared at the retreating Wisigoth. He looked at me in bewilderement.
This whole situation was so odd that I felt the need to explain to this total stranger what had just happened and why an
irate Swede had just bellowed at me to shut up then had ran back the way he had come. The stranger agreed it was weird.
We said goodbye and I resumed walking to Staples, thinking to himself, "that's going into the LJ for sure!".

And voila!
Pretty freaky, huh?

Tune in tomorrow for tales of matrimony lunacy, oven-like living conditions, and why I don't eat at Arby's very often.


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